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Three More Celebrities, Part I

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Three More Celebrities, Part I

It's time for the quiz. Mark thinks that The Mole is one of the two women. Tracey says that someone put the banana in Mark's bag, which she found interesting. Angie repeats her suspicions about Mark during the "Donkey Rally" game. Tracey says that Dennis could be The Mole, because he wasn't concentrating during the "Graduate" game. Mark interviews that Angie never got an exemption. Dennis interviews that Angie is The Mole.

The players file in to find out who is going home. Ahmad welcomes them, and says that they've been very entertaining, and that he hates to see anyone go. Mark thinks that means he's going. Angie asks if Ahmad can type Dennis's name in first to give them some time. Ahmad sits down and types in Tracey's name first. Tracey says she's gone, and Dennis assures her that she's staying. Everyone waits, and then the screen goes red. Dammit! Why do I even try to figure out who The Mole is? I give up. I'm not making any more picks.

Tracey hugs everyone goodbye. Angie applauds for Tracey as she walks out. Angie says that Tracey always made her laugh. Dennis says that they had a Tracey moment at least once per day, and that she was cool. Mark adds that Tracey took the best notes, and could tell you any detail. Angie brings up when Tracey got pegged in the head with a ball, and they all reenact it. Ahmad puts Tracey into the taxi and asks if she has any final words for the rest of the players. Tracey tells them to have fun and miss her. Ahmad says that he misses her already. Tracey takes off.

Mark celebrates making it to the end of the game, and says it's time to play the game now. Angie asks if he will wear a cape, and Mark says that he will. Ahmad returns to the execution room and asks each player if he or she is The Mole. They each say that they are The Mole. Mark reminds everyone that he wants to wear a cape the next day.

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