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First, we get a series of interviews to find out what the contestants think about the game, now that Marcie has been executed. Paul is concerned, since Marcie was his rock-solid coalition partner. And man, if they were targeting the same person as The Mole, he better change things up, quickly. Liz is disappointed that Nicole got rewarded for her bad behavior. Craig has three goals: to not soil himself (success!), to not embarrass his family (maybe) and not get executed (success!). He's pleased with his track record.

Jon welcomes us to Santiago, Chile, which is a mountainous territory. Nicole has rejoined the group, and she promises us that she's going to be a little bit quieter and more stealthy now. Paul says he's not convinced of Nicole's turnaround just yet. Nicole thinks that, because she's taller than Paul, she can take him. The bickering ends (FOR NOW!), and Jon instructs them to break into two groups: a group of nine people who are goal-oriented, and a group of two who look at life as an uphill battle. Liz immediately starts yelling, "I'm in the group of two! I'm in the group of two!" Craig wants to join her. Nicole suggests having Kristen and Mark in the uphill battle, since they are runners. Mark interviews that everyone except Craig and Liz seemed to get that the uphill battle people were going to have to run up the mountain or something. People murmur and mutter and peas and carrots for a while until finally Paul makes them vote, and the majority want Mark and Kristen in the group of two.

That finally decided, Jon tells them about the mission, which is a race to the summit. Mark and Kristen will be riding a tandem bike, while the others ride to the top in a gondola, which takes ten minutes. If the gondola-riders get there first, they earn $35,000 for the pot, but they have to earn their way onto the ride by scoring one goal against a champion soccer team. If anyone didn't guess right here that they'd be playing against either kids or, like, donkeys, you've never seen this show before. If Mark and Kristen get there first, no money is added to the pot, and they both get exemptions. Bobby brags in an interview that he played soccer in middle and high school, and so did Alex. Oh, who didn't play soccer in high school? ...Well, I didn't, actually. But I could have! I just played volleyball instead. Also, I hate running. And the soccer coach used to make the players run like a hundred miles a day, and there was sometimes snow. So, you know, other than that.

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