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Mark and Kristen take off, and the chain immediately comes off their bike. The soccer team takes the field, and feels confident with their ringers. And then they find out that their opponents are little kids, so they think they're totally going to win. Craig tells us that he wishes he had a cup to wear, because his nieces and nephews hit him in the balls a lot. Maybe they just don't like you, dude? So the soccer game starts and the little kids are awesome. And they're all pumped when they score a goal, which is adorable.

Kristen and Mark manage to get their bike going for a while, but then the chain comes off again and again. Mark goes all Super Veiny Biking Dad and screams, and they decide to just run up the hill while pushing the bike. I kind of thought they might get a penalty for that, but apparently not. Meanwhile, the kids are winning like four hundred to zero at soccer. Bobby dies of lack of muscle tone or wimpiness or possibly scurvy and has to take the goal so he can drink some water. I feel like he needs a medical checkup or something.

Mark and Kristen are still moving. Kristen doesn't think Mark is The Mole because he wants the exemption so badly. On the other hand, Mark suspects Kristen because she wants to keep the money out of the pot and would also want the exemption to keep another player from getting it. You see how that works? This game will drive you crazy because every action can be interepreted two ways.

Craig manages to score a goal for the other team somehow, but it doesn't even matter because they're not trying to win -- they just need to score one goal. Paul falls to the ground and starts spitting, but meanwhile he hasn't even broken a sweat. Bobby is still whining about water. I am not that empathetic until I realize they're probably at a high altitude. But the winning goal ain't happening, and time has run out. So now it goes to a penalty kick situation. Alex goes first, and misses, and Bobby thinks it was pathetic. Unlike, say, being unable to run and whining for water all the time? Ali finally saves the day by scoring a goal, and the team heads off to the gondola. Except then they get in an argument about how to get there, despite the fact that they have a map. Alex and Victoria run ahead, but Liz has to stop and sit down because she thinks she's going to black out. Paul waits with her, which is nicer than I would expect from him, although he does have the ulterior motive of wanting to hustle her along. The people who ran ahead seem confused about the fact that they all have to make it up the mountain to win the money, I think. Or maybe they're just annoyed by everyone else and wanted a few moments' peace.

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