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Clay refers to the trailing group as "the worst group alive," adding that it contained Craig, Bobby, and Liz, while Paul and Ali stayed behind to encourage them, which he found suspicious. I hope they get to do challenges soon that don't rely on physical fitness, because I feel bad for Fatty, Oldy and Wimpy always getting lumped into the "bad people" group. But obviously, I don't feel bad enough for them to call them by their actual names. Kristen and Mark are still running, but they get sidetracked by Jon, who invites them to sit down, roadside, and have a beverage. He offers to let them take a cab to the top, but adds that they'll forego their exemptions and take another $5,000 from the pot. Mark is immediately like, "No! Let's GO!" and a couple of veins burst in his head. Kristen is making weird hand signals to someone -- Mark? A producer? But they eventually refuse the offer.

The fast goal-oriented group reaches the top just as the slow goal-oriented group gets into the gondola. Of course, we have no clue where Mark and Kristen are in relation to the others. The goal-oriented team finally makes it to the summit, but they immediately start bickering some more. Jon calls out for Mark and Kristen to reveal themselves if they are already there - and they are! I was actually surprised by that, so good editing, show. So no money goes in the pot, and Mark and Kristen get exemptions. No one mentions the deal Mark and Kristen turned down, so I don't know if the others ever found out about that. Paul jokes that, by the end of this, they're going to owe the show money. As the contestants eat, they all start blaming each other for the loss. Paul focuses in on Bobby, asking him why he was so useless. And while I don't agree with Paul's tactics and tone, he's kind of right. But dude, do you need to scream at the dude while people are trying to enjoy their lunch? Victoria tells everyone to stop because they failed as a team. Nicole was happy that she could sit back and watch other people attacking each other.

Back at the hotel, Victoria, Craig, Bobby and Kristen sit around and talk about how Bobby is a terrible athlete. Paul, Clay and some others join the group. Victoria points out that they're supposed to be making The Mole's job harder, and they're actually making it easier, so they need to start working together more. Paul just goes, "Screw you." Whuh? Where did that come from? I don't think I like this level of bickering on my show. Cut it out, casting directors. Anyway, Victoria and Paul go at it for a while, and I don't know why Victoria engages him, because he's an idiot. And also, Bobby is a grown-up (allegedly) and can stick up for himself. Paul interviews that he's trying to get under people's skin. Victoria has the best line ever, when Kristen asks if she can forgive Paul: "No, I'm fine. I'm used to people like that. I work in retail." Giiiiiiirl. I feel you. I feel like I can do any job now, because nothing compares to the jackass customers I had to deal with during my retail days.

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