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The players leave Santiago and head to Pomaire, which is more rural. They end up on a ranch with something that looks like a small bullfighting arena. Also, nearby -- a pigpen. Nicole actually cracks me up when she says, "I do like pigs. [Beat.] As long as they're, you know, cooked right." Jon explains the mission. A local potter makes clay pigs, but someone has stolen fifty of her pigs and hidden them in the village. Jon tells them the split up into three groups of three and one group of two. Paul volunteers to be in the group of two, and Liz joins him. Here's what I don't get about the weather where they are. Many of the women are wearing tank tops and shorts, but then Clay and Mark have on, like, sweatshirts. WTF? Anyway, the other groups are: Alex, Victoria and Nicole (the type A group); Ali, Mark and Clay (the leftover group); and Craig, Bobby and Kristen (the rejects). The three groups will have to travel to the village and find as many of the fifty missing clay pigs as possible. They'll bring the pigs back, and use a slingshot to propel them into the arena (so the pigs will fly, get it?). Mark and Liz will use a blanket to catch the pigs; each unbroken pig earns the group $1000. The potter and her son will be working on making more pigs; time is up when they have made 12 pigs, which will take them about an hour. Jon starts them off with one clay pig, and tells everyone that there is one exemption in play on this mission.

I'm really biased against Paul, not just because he's a dillhole, but also because he's wearing a Yankees jersey (yay!) but it's brown (bwuh?). I am constitutionally against Yankee paraphenelia that is not regulation colors. I will make an execption for pink baseball caps, but only for little girls and not grown ladies. And that's only because I bought one for my cousin's baby, and he lives in Boston and is a Red Sox fan. Anyway, the teams all take off without forming any plan whatsoever, despite the fact that all three teams will be searching the same area. The reject team is walking from the jump and Bobby dies from lupus or something so he hops in the wheelbarrow they have to carry the pigs and Kristen pushes him. He's a grown man, sitting in the wheelbarrow. I don't even know anymore. Mark goes all Super Veiny Pig-Seeking Dad and starts yelling at the villagers, but he doesn't know Spanish. Alex does, and manages to get the villagers to help him find all the pigs. In the best shot ever, we see Kristen running by with Bobby in the wheelbarrow, and then [Beat.] [Beat.] [Beat.] Craig jogs by, sweaty and pink-faced.

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The Mole




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