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Brother's Keeper

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Brother's Keeper

Nick flashes back to the bank, where Randall and Lucas are running out. Nick stands up and tells everyone to get behind the counter. Egan wonders why they don't leave now that the robbers are gone. Nick explains that they don't want to run into the middle of a shootout, or even be near the windows during one. Franny tries to tell Nick about a back door, but Nick is in take-charge mode and doesn't want to waste time with no jibber-jabber.

Lizzie heads up to talk to Randall's nurse again. Lizzie wants to see him. The nurse says she can't let that happen. Lizzie wants her to ask Randall if he'll see her. The nurse kind of rolls her eyes at Lizzie and goes into Randall's room. Lizzie watches as the nurse bends over and whispers to Randall. She flashes back to the same scene we saw earlier, which now seems like Randall was threatening Lizzie in some way, and Lucas pointed the gun at him to get him to leave Lizzie alone. Lizzie breaks out of her reverie when the nurse returns and says that Randall won't see Lizzie. The nurse thinks that Lizzie should get back to work. Lizzie just stares at Randall, who is lying in bed with his eyes closed, kind of laughing, or at least smiling. I assume he knows that Lizzie is watching, although it could also be like when my dog barks in his sleep, because he's thinking about squirrels. Except instead of squirrels, I guess Randall is thinking about...something really horrible, because he's a bad, bad man.

The former hostages arrive at the diner for their regular meal together. In the parking lot, Franny talks to Kathryn about the Carlos Situation. Kathryn wonders why Carlos needs ten grand in prison. Franny explains that Carlos claims that the gangs in prison have put a price on his head. What a coincidence that the gangs have done so right when Carlos has a potential source of funding, huh? Kathryn advises Franny not to touch the money in Ricky's fund, and to definitely avoid sending the money to someone in jail. She explains that if Carlos uses the money for illegal activities, like selling or buying drugs, Franny could be implicated. Kathryn promises to look into it, because she might be able to help if it's really about Carlos's safety.

Inside, Egan tells Malcolm, Jeremy, and Nick that he left his wife that morning. He wonders whether Nick, as a divorced man, has any advice. Nick bitterly says that Egan needs a good lawyer, but Egan confesses that he's giving Mary everything. Malcolm offers up his home as a crash pad, but Egan's planning on checking into a motel. Lizzie enters, flustered, and apologizes for being late. Jeremy assures her that they're still waiting for a table.

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