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Brother's Keeper

Apparently what they want to do is have Lizzie visit Lucas in prison. Lucas acts like a teenager on his first date when he says that he hoped Lizzie would visit him. Lizzie says that she wanted to come. Are these two in love? Lucas asks if she's okay, and then asks, "Did you tell Jeremy yet?" Whoa, Lucas knew that Lizzie was pregnant before Jeremy did? Now I'm actually curious what happened between these two. Lizzie says she's not sure that she wants to talk about her pregnancy with him, and Lucas apologizes, but doesn't seem upset. Lizzie confesses that she came to ask Lucas for his help, on behalf of the group. She needs Lucas to help her convince Randall to accept a transplant, so that he can stand trial and answer for what he did. Sometimes I feel like, after the weeks of build-up, whatever happened inside the bank is going to be a letdown. Anyway, Lizzie explains that the decision wasn't quite unanimous, but the majority want Randall to live. Lucas seems kind of disgusted that they sent Lizzie to talk to him, like he's being exploited somehow, so everyone must know that Lizzie and Lucas made some sort of connection. Lizzie tells him that there's a donor available, and she needs to know from him how to convince Randall. Lucas says that he's the only thing that could change Randall's mind, and he thinks Randall is doing this to get to him. Lizzie begs him to do it, and adds that he shouldn't have to stand trial alone, plus he kinds of owes it to the hostages. Lucas refuses, saying, "I know what it'll take and I can't go there with him. Not anymore. I'm sorry." Oh, you can't go there? What are you, Montel Williams all of a sudden?

Egan arrives at the motel where he plans to take up residence. A motel employee runs up to help him with his stuff (really? At a motel?) and notices the car is packed. He asks, "Staying for a while?" What was the point of that scene?

Nick enters his office. He's already got a glass door with lettering that reads, "Nick Cavanaugh, Homicide Supervisor." Like he's the supervisor of killing people? That's a weird title. Nick sits down and promptly flashes back to where we left off, with Randall and Lucas running out of the bank. Police sirens wail in the not-too-far distance, and bystanders are running around, trying to get out of the way. Randall runs out and surveys the scene, and then announces that they're never going to make it. Meanwhile, inside, Malcolm is freaking out that Felicia is in there. Nick assures him that he saw her, while trying to herd Malcolm back behind the counter with the others. Outside, Randall tosses the bag of cash to Lucas and tells him to make a break for it. Randall will stay behind and serve as a distraction. Nick looks outside and sees Randall heading back in, so he makes a run for the doors, frantically trying to lock them before Randall can get inside. But, as we already know, the attempt is futile, and Randall walks in, gun out, and yells out, "Change of plans! Get up and get back!" Malcolm looks defeated as Randall orders them to get down on the floor.

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The Nine




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