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Brother's Keeper

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Brother's Keeper

Nick snaps back to the present and notices that he has a message on his cell phone. It's Kathryn, telling him that they just finished up at the diner and she knows how hard it is for him, because everyone looks to him to be the leader and take care of things.

Lucas reluctantly picks up the phone to talk to a new visitor, his mother. He says that he doesn't want to see her, and she wonders why he let her visit him. Lucas just asks what she wants.

Meanwhile, Nick goes in to question the son of the people who were murdered. Nick acts sympathetic.

Lucas's mom talks about how the media is blaming her for her two sons that went bad. Lucas says that it's always about her and asks if she's even been to the hospital, and if she's thought of donating part of her liver. His mom says that she can't, because she went through surgery last year. Lucas says that he must have forgotten, but looks angry.

Nick tries to get his suspect to talk, and sympathizes with how hard it must be to take care of two unwell parents. The son says that he has to give them their medications, cook, clean up, and even take them to the bathroom. Nick asks him whether they used the bell in their bedroom to call him. The son says that they called him at 4 AM every day. Nick sighs that the son must be exhausted.

Lucas's mom is talking about how everyone was so proud of Lucas for serving his country, and that Randall has always brought him down. Lucas tells her not to blame everything on Randall.

Nick shares that his father was a drunk, and he spent a lot of time cleaning up after him, and he never got "one ounce of appreciation." He wonders if it's always been that way for the son, and adds that probably everyone in his life wants something from him. It would be funny if the son were like, "Are we even talking about my situation anymore?"

Lucas's mom allows that she's made mistakes, but she wants to be there for him now so that he doesn't have to go through this alone. Meanwhile, Nick just stares at his suspect, waiting for a confession. Weird place to break for a commercial.

Kathryn and Ed sit around and drink from these giant glasses of wine. I mean, seriously, the glass is bigger than Kathryn's head. I'm sure some wine freak will email me to tell me all that that type of glass is appropriate for whatever type of wine they are drinking, but it still looks ridiculous. Ed thinks Randall is taking the easy way out, and if he dies, they'll have to unload both barrels on Lucas. Kathryn says that she thought they would do that anyway, and Ed says they're still figuring out their approach. He realizes that they shouldn't really be having this conversation, and they kind of chuckle over the irony. Kathryn moves closer to him and says that she wants to ask him for a favor, but we don't get to hear what it is yet.

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