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Brother's Keeper

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Brother's Keeper

Lucas is led into the hospital, hands and legs cuffed. As he walks, he flashes back to Randall holding a gun to his head in the bank. Lucas enters Randall's room and the guard helps him to sit down near the bed. It actually cracks me up because the guard places a chair near the bed and starts to help Lucas walk closer, but Lucas kind of shrugs him off, so the guard makes this "okay, man, just trying to help" gesture. I bet the actor playing the guard called his parents and told them to watch for his big moment in this scene, and that was it. Anyway, Randall wakes up and asks if Lucas is there to give him his last rites, and then sarcastically says, "I got so much to live for." Lucas says that they still have each other, and Randall asks if they really do. Lucas glances at the guard and says that, at the end, they hadn't slept in two days, and things got out of hand. Randall says that he almost killed his brother, and Lucas almost chuckles and says that he got lucky. Randall asks if their mother has been to visit him, and Lucas lies and says no. Lucas brings up how they used to pretend that they were the Wonder Twins when they were kids, and how one time Lucas hurt his ankle and they put their fists together, and Lucas got the strength to walk home. Randall responds by calling his brother a pansy. Lucas swallows his pride and says that he's going to donate a piece of his liver, and it means that he could die during the operation. They put their fists together as best they can, and Lucas says that it will be the two of them together, like it used to be.

Lizzie watches from the hallway. Jeremy walks up and asks if they can talk. They sit down and Jeremy says that he takes his responsibility in this pregnancy very clearly, and he'll be there for doctor visits and Lamaze classes. Before Lizzie can respond, Jeremy adds that if she doesn't want that, he'll understand, and he won't give her any attitude; he will be there, on her terms. Lizzie confesses that she doesn't even know her own terms, because she's never done this before. Lizzie considers and then holds out her hand and asks, "So, friends?" Jeremy takes her hand and agrees, "Friends...with complications." They both chuckle without much mirth and Jeremy takes off. Right after that, Lucas is led out of the hospital room while Lizzie watches him carefully.

Hey, guess what! Kathryn and Ed finally did it! They bask in the afterglow and Kathryn says that she's happy. Ed's cell phone rings, and as soon as he turns away, Kathryn looks kind of upset, like maybe she was faking it? It's subtle, so I'm not sure. Ed reports to her that Randall is going to get a liver transplant, and Lucas is going to be the donor. Ed asks the person on the phone about "that other thing," and then hangs up. He tells Kathryn that Carlos, Eva's ex, did some time at Corcoran, at the same time that Randall served there. Kathryn is sure it's just a coincidence, but Ed says that this could raise questions about Franny too. Kathryn is dead sure that Eva had nothing to do with this. Ed doesn't think the defense knows about this, and he'd rather not get into it during the trial. Kathryn offers her word, which means that she's going to end up being totally wrong, because I've watched television before.

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