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Take Me Instead

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Take Me Instead
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Flashback City! In my head, I just sang that to the tune of "Cat Scratch Fever" by Mr. Ted Nugent. You can too, if you want. Anyway, it's hour two of the standoff, 4:27 PM to be exact. The phone inside the bank is ringing, making the robbers nervous. The SWAT guys are closing in outside. Randall is having a nicotine fit and can't find any cigarettes. He wouldn't have any on him? Whatever, plot device. Malcolm is pleased to see that Tom the Security Guard is looking better. Hey, Tom is looking better! He looks fine now! But we know he dies. Interesting.

Lizzie's cell phone starts ringing and she admits that it belongs to her. Lucas stomps over and picks it up. It takes him like two hours to figure out how to make the phone stop ringing, and in the meantime, he looks at who's calling and then gives Lizzie a weird look like he saw something he shouldn't have. Randall is still slamming things around, looking for a smoke, and Kathryn's mom yells at him for throwing a tantrum. Randall moves toward her threateningly, and Kathryn stands up to beg for her mother's life. Nick intercepts Randall and changes the subject to what Randall should be doing – making demands to the negotiators. Nick suggests swapping a hostage for a pack of cigarettes, as a test to see if the negotiators will cooperate. After staring at each other intensely for a few minutes, Randall gives Lucas the nod to make the deal. Lucas picks up the phone and tells the negotiator that they want to trade one hostage for cigarettes and food. Be specific! Ask for a specific brand, and specific food. Right? What if they give you sushi and you hate sushi? That would suck. I mean, more than being held hostage in a bank normally sucks.

Lucas hangs up the phone, and Randall calls out to the hostages to ask who wants to leave. Lucas wonders whether they should discuss it privately first. True -- you don't want hurt feelings! Nick wants to send out Tom, since he's wounded, but Lucas isn't having it. Jeremy convinces Lizzie to put her hand up and volunteer, and then Franny blurts out that Eva should leave, because she has a kid at home. Randall makes a lecherous remark about sisters, and Nick urges him to let both volunteers go. Randall starts taunting Egan, asking him if he wants to go, and Egan says that women should go first, despite the fact that he's probably more emotionally fragile than any of the women, except maybe Kathryn's mom. Malcolm comes to a decision and says that children should leave first, and his daughter is hiding in the back somewhere. Randall and Lucas look confused at this news.

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