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Take Me Instead

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Take Me Instead

Lucas holds a gun on Malcolm as he opens the bathroom doors, looking for Felicia. He finds her in the out-of-order women's room and urges her to come out so that she can go home. Lucas tells Randall that they found her, and Randall reveals that Felicia was the one who called 911 from her cell phone. Lucas flips out, since he thinks they would have been out of there by now if she hadn't made that call. Randall thinks that they need Felicia inside to use as leverage with Malcolm. Nick points out that the cops already know Felicia is inside, and releasing her will earn them some goodwill. Randall starts to think maybe they should release Nick, and I kind of agree, because he's annoying with his know-it-all attitude. Nick pleads to stay inside, since he can help them predict what the negotiators will do. Egan adds that with a cop inside, the SWAT team is less likely to come in "with their guns blazing." What is this, the final scene in Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid? Nick tries to convince them to let Kathryn's mom, Nancy, leave, since she's old and annoying. That's seriously his reasoning. Nick offers to be handcuffed to ensure he won't start shit as long as he can stay.

Nick walks into his apartment, where Egan is busy cooking some soup. Egan starts questioning Nick about where he was last night, adding that he called the police station a few times. What the fuck? Why would he call and check up on his roommate? That's just creepy. Nick points this out and asks Egan not be a wife, and then not at all subtly asks how Egan's apartment search is going. Nick even offers to drive Egan around and look at places. The phone rings, and Egan answers it. It's Kathryn, looking for Nick. Before handing the phone over, Egan invites Kathryn over to a poker game that he's planning. In Nick's home. Without checking with him first. Worst. Houseguest. Ever. Kathryn says that she has something planned with Ed and can't make it. When she gets Nick on the phone, she reminds him that her mother has been begging her to invite Nick out for lunch as a thank you gesture. Kathryn offers to join them to serve as a buffer, which Nick definitely wants.

Malcolm walks into his house, setting off the alarm. He punches in the code and asks why the alarm keeps going off. Felicia doesn't know, but says that it's been happening all day. Malcolm's wife is on the phone with security company, trying to figure it all out. Felicia complains about being under "house arrest," reminding us that her parents found out about her jailhouse visit in the previous episode. Malcolm's wife is bustling around, preparing to go out of town for the weekend. She finally leaves, and Felicia asks how long she's going to be punished. Malcolm doesn't think spending time with your father should be a punishment.

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