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Take Me Instead

Kathryn visits her therapist. Apparently, Kathryn wanted her prescription to be renewed, but the therapist wanted to see her before doing so. Kathryn hasn't visited her therapist since the standoff, and really doesn't want to discuss it. The therapist isn't having it, and Kathryn finally admits that she had a panic attack when Ed proposed to her, so she hid in the bathroom. Afterwards, Ed understood her struggles and they "tabled it." Kathryn adds that it was the first panic attack since the bank incident. The therapist wonders why the bank trauma was fine, but a marriage proposal set Kathryn off. Kathryn says she doesn't know why that is, but then admits that her connection with Nick has caused her to second-guess her relationship with Ed. The therapist points out that Kathryn has always been ambivalent about Ed. Kathryn says that since the bank incident, she's been a lot more open to Ed, and she's felt okay about it, which is apparently a new thing for her. But she still can't stop thinking about Nick.

Franny rollerblades down the sidewalk in a bikini top and shorts. Well, aren't we just the free spirit now that we dumped our (practically) orphaned nephew? Jeremy calls Franny from the hospital and asks if she was invited to Egan's poker party. Franny says that she was, but she doesn't play poker. Jeremy says he has a charity event to attend, and asks Franny to join him. Franny accepts. Jeremy makes arrangements while trying to avoid Lizzie, who is in a room nearby.

Nick and Kathryn arrive at a restaurant for their luncheon with Nancy. Nick mentions the poker party and Kathryn mentions Nick's gambling problem. Nick claims that Ed overstated the issue; he made some mistakes after his divorce but it's over now. Nick tells Kathryn that Egan set it up, and they're only playing for nickels, so she should come. Before she can respond, Nancy shows up and orders champagne. She compliments Nick for his cool-headedness during the crisis in the bank. Once the champagne arrives, Nancy makes a toast to Nick's heroism and Kathryn's big news. Kathryn realizes that Ed told Nancy about the proposal and tightly insists that they'll discuss it later before changing the subject.

Flashback! Malcolm exits the bank and grabs the goodies. He yells at the SWAT guys not to come near him because the robbers will shoot his daughter if they do. Back in regular time, Malcolm tries to entice Felicia to go with him to the USC homecoming rally. She agrees and they take off.

Egan and Nick are looking for apartments. Egan is complaining about every one that they've found, so it has clearly been a long time since he's investigated the real estate market in Southern California.

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