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Take Me Instead

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Take Me Instead

Kathryn gets home and Ed tells her that they have a car coming to pick them up. Kathryn immediately tears into him for telling her mother about the proposal before it happened. Kathryn frames it as a feminist argument, blaming Ed for "working out [her] dowry." Ed points out that the problem between them has nothing to do with her mother. Kathryn doesn't think he knows who she is or what she wants. Ed yells back that she doesn't know what she wants. He's pissed that he put himself out there and she ran away, and thinks that she needs to figure out what she wants, because he's kind of tired of waiting around. Kathryn looks around like she's not sure if this if what she wanted, but now she has an opportunity to go for Nick.

At the hospital, Lucas is transported back to prison. Of course, Lizzie is standing nearby as he walks past. Does she just hang out near his room all day? Wouldn't that raise some questions? Of course, they share a meaningful look, and then Lizzie has a flashback to the bank. In it, Lucas walks Lizzie to the bathroom, and gives her guff for having to pee so often. Lizzie tries to ascribe it to nervousness but then admits that she's pregnant. Lucas looks shocked and concerned. He quickly advises Lizzie not to tell Randall, because it would be very bad, and to make sure Jeremy doesn't say anything either. Lizzie admits that Jeremy doesn't know yet. Lucas once again looks shocked and concerned. Lizzie finds out what Lucas's name is, and thanks him for his...concern? Assistance? Hotness? I don't know.

Lizzie walks into the break room at work and finds Jeremy putting on a suit for his charity event. She figures out that he has a date, and Jeremy says that he didn't tell her because he thought it was too soon to discuss it. Lizzie agrees, but tells him to have a good time.

Kathryn arrives at Nick's house. They are totally hot for each other and share a sex look. You know the one. Nick lets Kathryn in and says that Egan is out getting supplies. Kathryn says that her date with Ed fell through. Kathryn spots a photo and thinks it's Nick's sister, but it's his ex-wife. I'm not sure why Nick has a photo of his ex-wife up, but he does say that it's a good picture of his mother, so maybe that's why. Nick walks out of the room and Kathryn blurts out that Ed proposed to her. Nick walks slowly back in like, "What the...what?" Nick makes the connection to Nancy's toast earlier. Kathryn admits that she hasn't given Ed an answer because she's "kind of a commitphobe." Nick replies, "Aren't we all?" Egan walks in with Malcolm and Felicia. I thought they were going to a rally?

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