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What's Your Emergency?

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What's Your Emergency?

Randall grabs Eva and drags her over to a teller's window, threatening everyone else that if they move, he'll shoot Eva. Kathryn gets out a pill for her mom. Felicia -- who is hiding very, very close to Randall and Eva's current position -- tries not to make a sound. Randall urges Eva to fill a bag with cash. Franny reaches over to where Egan's glasses are lying on the ground, and slides them to him, and they share a look of understanding.

Someone from the outside starts pounding on the door. Felicia is back out in the main lobby, and catches Egan's eye, holding up her phone and mouthing, "No service." Egan quickly shakes his head no and breaks eye contact with her, so clearly his big heroism streak must come later. Egan slides a different cell phone to Felicia, who just looks confused. Meanwhile, Franny tells Randall that the guy pounding on the door is Mr. Lushtak, and that he comes every Friday to make a deposit to cover his payroll. She promises that he will make a scene if they don't deal with him. ["Oh, snap, that dude goes to my branch, too." -- Wing Chun] Randall wants Eva to tell Lushtak to go home. Franny volunteers to take Eva's place, because Lushtak knows her and will listen to her. Randall promises that the gun will be pointed right at her head, and that she had better not make any wrong moves. This is kind of like when Richie Cunningham was being held hostage in the Cunningham home by a burglar, and Potsie and Ralph came to the door, and Richie tried to write help on the door with his finger, and Potsie didn't get it, and the robber ended up taking them hostage too. And then Fonzie saved the day when he shut the burglar in the coat closet by blocking the door with a chair. Which I then tried to do to my brother, and it totally didn't work, because I am clearly not the Fonz. Anyway, Randall needs some of his hostages to move around so that the guy at the door won't see them, and he wants Jeremy to move Tom the Security Guard. Jeremy refuses, since Tom might have a neck injury. Nick tells Jeremy just to do it, and the two of them argue for a minute. Jeremy is putting the needs of the patient first, and Nick is putting the needs of everyone in the bank first.

Franny calms herself, and opens the door a crack to tell Mr. Lushtak that the bank is closed for the holiday weekend. Nick spots Felicia and tells her to stay quiet. Mr. Lushtak wants to have a big conversation, and Franny tries to get rid of him. Meanwhile, Lizzie gets Felicia to slide her phone over, and presses the buttons to get the call to connect; she then slides the phone into the middle of the room with the rest of the phones. Malcolm and Lucas return from the vault or wherever, and Malcolm spots Felicia for a moment, before Felicia scampers further into the bank to hide. The 911 operator picks up, and apparently, those idiots left it on speakerphone, because the operator's voice bounces off the walls as she says, "What's your emergency?"

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