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What's Your Emergency?

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What's Your Emergency?

Now it's thirteen days after the standoff. Malcolm wakes up from a nightmare. He rushes into the kitchen and asks his wife about Felicia. His wife says that Felicia is going to a therapist today, and still has no memory of the incident. A technician is in their home, installing a security system. Malcolm thinks they should leave Felicia alone: if she never remembers what happens, Malcolm is okay with that. Of course, Felicia overhears that part of the conversation, and assumes that means her dad won't help her remember.

Jeremy sits in his car outside the hospital, remembering how he tried to kill Randall. And suddenly, Randall is right there in the car with him, taunting him. When did this show turn into Nip/Tuck? If Rosie O'Donnell or a Scientologist shows up soon, we're in trouble.

Franny tries to get Ricky ready for school, but Ricky has locked himself in the bathroom. As Franny begs him to open the door, she hears water running, and then a crashing sound.

Kathryn is picking her mom up somewhere. Kathryn's mom is all crowing about Nick being in the paper, and how awesome it is, and how she should have been invited to the ceremony. Kathryn is annoyed, and starts venting that it's her first day back in court, and that she also has a doctor's appointment in the middle of the day. Her mom wonders about the doctor's appointment, but Kathryn clams up.

Egan works out in his garage while listening to ELO. What he lacks in technical ability, he makes up for in enthusiasm. His wife wanders out in a robe and curlers, and asks how long he's been up. Egan says that he's been up since 4:00 AM, and already went for a jog. His wife is concerned about Egan getting fired, but Egan shares that they've got plenty of savings; plus he'll be getting severance pay. As Egan dances her around, his wife looks slightly less worried and annoyed, especially when Egan says that he's got an appointment with an employment agency that day.

At the hospital, Lizzie is working with a patient whose father snaps and starts yelling; this causes Lizzie to have a flashback to the robbery. She apologizes, and hauls ass out of the room.

Nick walks into the hospital, where he's informed that Randall had a heart attack last night, but was revived. They haven't yet figured out what caused the heart attack, but the security guard was out of the area at the time. An orderly apparently saw someone leaving Randall's room, though. As Nick gets filled in, Jeremy walks out of the elevators and asks a nurse what's going on, like he doesn't know; the nurse fills him in, adding that there's an investigation going on. Meanwhile, Nick's buddy says that Lizzie is under suspicion due to her recent actions, and wonders if she has motive to kill Randall. Nick says that he has motive, and the buddy says that Nick would have finished the job properly. Exactly! How did Jeremy, a doctor, fail to administer a lethal dose? Weak. The cop buddy wants to talk to Lizzie, but Nick says that they shouldn't "harass" her unless they have more substantial evidence.

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