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What's Your Emergency?

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What's Your Emergency?

Lizzie and Kathryn sit in a doctor's waiting room with a multitude of other pregnant ladies and their (male) partners. Lizzie affirms that she hasn't told Jeremy about her pregnancy yet, and adds that she's not even sure why she asked Kathryn to be there. Kathryn says that she wanted to be there, and they both smile, but still look really nervous and uncomfortable. Kathryn takes a phone call from work, and talks really loudly, which causes Lizzie and others to point to the sign on the wall behind her forbidding the use of cell phones. Kathryn ends the call just as Lizzie is called in. The nurse asks Lizzie if her partner would like to come in too, and both women sheepishly try to explain that they're not in a relationship, but realize it's too long an explanation, and Kathryn just sits back down and waits.

At the hospital, Franny argues with a receptionist about paging Jeremy again, while also trying to prevent a social worker from getting involved in Ricky's injury. Jeremy shows up and asks what's going on. Franny says that Ricky locked himself in the bathroom and hit his head on the tub or the sink or something. Jeremy assures the social worker that everything is fine, so she leaves. He looks at Ricky's forehead and says that Ricky just needs a few stitches, and then promises to send a plastic surgeon down to take care of it.

Lizzie lies on the exam table, babbling that her life hasn't been easy, and that she sees a lot of bad people in her work, but none of that has ever bothered her. In the waiting room, Kathryn pops one of the same tranquilizers she gave her mother during the robbery. Lizzie continues to babble that she's scared of the world now, that it seems violent and dangerous, and that, as a result, she's unsure about bringing a child into the world. The nurse finishes taking her blood pressure and reminds her that she has options regarding the baby.

Nick shows up at a murder scene to talk to the medical examiner, who appears to be a buddy. He asks the ME whether he's looked at Randall's chart yet, because Nick wanted to talk to him before the ME submitted his findings. They step aside for some privacy, and the ME says that he did find potassium in Randall's system. I knew that all those years of watching medical shows would pay off somehow! I guessed in the recaplet for last week's episode that Jeremy used potassium. Anyway, the ME explains for you non-medical show viewers that potassium will stop your heart, but it occurs in the body naturally, so there's no way to prove it was injected intentionally without other evidence. Nick asks the ME to sit on the evidence for a day. The ME balks but Nick reminds him that Randall is still alive, so this isn't a murder investigation. The ME promises to do that.

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