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What's Your Emergency?

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What's Your Emergency?

Jeremy gets an update on a patient, but he's haunted by visions of Randall, who is lying in a bed nearby with lots of nurses around this time.

Kathryn is back at work, barking out orders to her assistant. She finds out that one of her co-workers is out getting married, which Kathryn apparently didn't know. Get it? She's distracted and doesn't pay attention to her co-workers.

Egan shows up for his appointment at the employment agency. Who goes to an employment agency anymore? I didn't even know they still existed. The receptionist recognizes him from his television appearances, and hands him a list of jobs to look over. Egan spots Franny sitting nearby filling out some forms, and they greet each other happily. Egan explains how he got fired, but that it was kind of like he quit. Franny thanks Egan for setting up the fund for Ricky, and talk quickly turns to what jobs Egan has on his list. They all sound extremely boring. Egan wonders if there's something more creative on there, but realizes that what he wants to do probably won't pay the bills. Welcome to being an adult. Franny is called in, and Egan advises her not to settle. Easy for the guy with the savings account and severance package to say.

Nick shows up at the hospital and finds Lizzie sitting in Randall's room, staring at the wall. Lizzie looks up and says that Randall is getting some tests done, and that she came up to face him. She admits that she's been up there a lot, "circling like a hawk," which is exactly what Nick did not want to hear. He asks carefully whether she was there when Randall coded, and Lizzie says that she just found out about it, and then adds somewhat dreamily that, yesterday, she told Jeremy that she wished Randall were dead. Nick takes this in and faux-casually asks how Jeremy is doing. Lizzie thinks he's having a harder time than anyone, plus he lost a patient yesterday.

An FBI guy visits Lucas in jail. Lucas says that he thinks he should probably wait for his lawyer, and notices a tape player sitting on the table. The FBI guy presses play, and Lucas listens to a recording of his conversation with Felicia from when she visited him. The FBI guy wants to know why Felicia was there, and asks if it's Stockholm Syndrome, or if Lucas knew Felicia before the robbery. Lucas asks, "Do you really think I'd plan a robbery with a sixteen-year-old girl?" I really think Lucas should wait for his lawyer before he says another word.

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