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What's Your Emergency?

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What's Your Emergency?

Malcolm arrives home, where his wife is freaking out because Felicia is two hours late and not answering her phone. Malcolm tries to calm his wife, but his wife adds that none of Felicia's friends knows anything, and that Felicia skipped her last two classes of the day. Malcolm hugs his wife, but looks worried.

In the hospital, Lizzie gets a sudden stomach cramp and collapses to the floor.

Kathryn walks into the courtroom and takes her place behind the desk. Her phone rings, and she actually takes the call while the judge is entering the courtroom. If I were a judge, I would totally kick people out for that. Anyway, Kathryn learns that Lizzie is in the ER, and then the call gets dropped. The judge calls on Kathryn to address the court, but Kathryn is deep in thought. She stands and starts to talk like a lawyer, but cuts herself off mid-sentence to toss the case to her colleague and leave the courtroom.

At the hospital, Lizzie tells a doctor that the cramping started ten minutes ago. In the courthouse, Kathryn rushes into the hall and tries to call Lizzie back. With Lizzie, the doctor is trying to pick up the baby's heartbeat, and orders Lizzie not to answer her phone. Lizzie ignores him and picks up the phone, telling Kathryn that she doesn't think the baby is okay and that she just realized she wants the baby to be okay. Kathryn tells her forcefully that the baby is strong, because it survived the hostage situation. This calms Lizzie down a bit. The doctor points to the ultrasound screen, and Lizzie says that she can see her baby. The doctor adds that they need to find the fetal heartbeat, which Lizzie relays to Kathryn. There's an agonizing wait, and Kathryn keeps assuring Lizzie that it'll happen. And then the heartbeat comes through loud and clear. Lizzie says she hears it, and asks Kathryn whether she can hear it too. For the only time ever on TV, someone is honest, as Kathryn says that she can't really hear it, but she can imagine. They hang up, and Kathryn looks sad for some reason.

Malcolm is on the phone with a cop or something, trying to locate Felicia. His wife urges him to call Nick instead. Malcolm gets a beep and takes the call. As he listens, he looks confused; after he hangs up, he explains to his wife that Felicia apparently broke into his bank.

Malcolm arrives at the bank, where Nick greets him and explains that Felicia took Malcolm's spare keys, let herself in, and tripped the alarm. The cops found her sitting in the bathroom with her phone out. Nick leaves Malcolm to talk to his daughter. At first, Malcolm just tells Felicia that they should go, but then he stops and starts yelling at her for scaring her parents. He asks what she was doing in the bank in the first place. Felicia says she doesn't know. Malcolm asks who would know, and Felicia yells that maybe he would. Malcolm is stunned, and Felicia asks why he didn't tell her that she was the one to make the 911 call, because that means the whole situation was her fault. Malcolm assures her that it's not her fault, but Felicia says that he's only lied to her since they got out. Malcolm says that he wants to help her to move on, and that he's been trying to protect her. Felicia yells that she doesn't even know what he's trying to protect her from. Which is...kind of the point, isn't it? Malcolm asks what she wants, and Felicia begs him to help her to remember. Malcolm gives her a quick overview, including the fact that they were trapped for two days and that she was scared. Felicia is sick of hearing the same thing, with no detail. Malcolm asks whether she really came to the bank just to provoke him. He totally loses his shit and yells, "What would you have me do? Walk you through every terrifying step of every moment we had in there? I can't do that. Baby, I'm your father." By the end of this rant, Malcolm softens, and both he and Felicia are crying.

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