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What's Your Emergency?

At the hospital, Lizzie approaches a tired-looking Jeremy and asks to talk to him for a second. She hems and haws and finally tells him that she's pregnant. Jeremy isn't sure how to react, which I think is completely understandable. I mean, she's springing this on him, and they've broken up. He asks, "Is this what you wanted to tell me before the bank?" Lizzie says that it is. Jeremy can only reply, "This is a lot." Lizzie looks hurt, but I don't know what she was expecting. Besides a baby, that is. Then again, I also don't know what horrible thing Jeremy did during the crisis that caused her to break up with him.

Kathryn has dinner with her mother in some fancy restaurant. Her mother notices that Kathryn is kind of spaced out and quiet, and asks whether Kathryn lost her court case. Kathryn says that she actually won a very important case, and then launches into a confession about how she had an abortion and didn't tell anyone, back when she was twenty-seven. It's quite a sad story, actually. Not that there are tons of happy abortion stories. Kathryn went to work, and then went and had the abortion, and then went back to work where, after resting a few hours, she won her first really big case. Kathryn's mom asks, "Why are you telling me this now?" We don't get to hear Kathryn's answer.

Nick meets with Jeremy on the street outside his home. Nick says that they have a problem, because someone was seen coming out of Randall's room right before he coded. Nick lays out all the evidence, and Jeremy asks if he's convinced that someone tried to kill Randall. Nick says that one of the detectives thinks it was Lizzie. This gets Jeremy's attention, and he says, "It wasn't Lizzie. I just wanted him out of my ICU, Nick. Lizzie's pregnant. Just found out." Nick is worried at first, and then stunned. Nick sighs, "I'm supposed to be a cop," meaning that he should turn Jeremy in. Jeremy replies, "I'm supposed to be a doctor," meaning, I suppose, that he shouldn't really be killing people. Nick just says that if Randall dies, he can't bury Jeremy's confession.

At their home, Malcolm asks Felicia to come into the living room, because they have some guests. Felicia walks in and sees that all of the surviving hostages are there. Felicia's mom leaves, and the hostages all take turns filling Felicia in on what they know about what happened. Malcolm says that Felicia heroically came out into the bank to try to call for help. Franny says that she and Eva saw Felicia, but didn't know what she was doing with the phone. Egan admits that he knew, but didn't have the courage to take the phone. Kathryn says that she was trying to calm her mother. Jeremy doesn't know what he was doing, and Lizzie says that he was trying to keep Tom alive. Nick says that he wouldn't let Felicia pass him the phone because he was afraid she would be detected by Randall, but that he also didn't tell her not to call 911. Lizzie says that she was there to push the last button for Felicia, and Felicia realizes that she wasn't solely responsible for the whole thing.

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