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Last season on The O.C., a bunch of new characters came and went, while the audience mostly just went. And then the season ended with Caleb dying, Kirsten going to Swedish rehab, and Marissa shooting Trey, and some of the audience came back, along with Tate Donovan.

And now, Season 3. It starts off very blue. Literally. Trey is wheeled into the ER as everyone speaks with the echoey voices of non-reality. Ryan and Marissa, followed by Seth and Summer, enter after the stretcher. Despite what the doctors are saying, Trey's medical emergency couldn't have been that urgent, since everyone had time to stop for haircuts on their way to the hospital. Ryan's looks very good, by the way. Flashbacks to scenes of Ryan and Trey's stormy relationship are intercut with Trey dying at the hospital. A doctor sees Ryan's battered face and says he needs medical attention. A cop says he can get it once they're done talking to him. Over in a corner, another cop is asking Marissa what she means when she says she shot the hospital's newest gunshot victim. Marissa may want to consider going into the exciting field of police work, since the intelligence of the profession's representatives so closely mimics her own. Ryan yells at Marissa not to say anything. We really know that this isn't a real scene when Seth notices someone other than himself and asks Ryan if he's okay. The doctors say they're losing Trey. Ryan's vision starts to go all funhouse mirror as Sandy runs in, asking what happened. Ryan passes out.

Ryan wakes up in the poolhouse, his face bruise-free. Seth enters, and Ryan says he just had "the worst nightmare," and we all wonder if Josh Schwartz is about to repeat Dallas's mistake. But no, it was a just a little fake-out, as Seth says that Ryan's nightmare is real, and that the "lawyer guy" is on his way over.

Post-credits establishing shots of Newport take us to Marissa and Summer, lounging by Marissa's pool. Marissa exposits that, of all the things she thought they'd be doing the week before their senior year began, facing charges of manslaughter after putting her boyfriend's brother in a coma wasn't one of them. Well, I'm glad Trey isn't dead, but I would like to know how a gunshot wound to the chest can put one in a coma for two freaking months. Then again, this is The O.C., not ER, so I guess we'll just have to make do and move on. Summer then attempts to actually be a sympathetic and reassuring friend and says that Marissa will "get through this." Marissa doesn't know if her relationship with Ryan will. She says it's like an "elephant in the room." Of course, everything looks like an elephant compared to the walking skeleton that is Mischa Barton, so that's not saying all that much. Summer has had enough of this trying-to-be-a-good-listener crap, and babbles on about how she's never known anyone in a coma before except for the people on The Valley, but that's usually just for silly melodramatic plot-furthering purposes. I agree. And the meta isn't cute when it serves solely to point out how many problems this particular plotline has. Summer concludes that the way Ryan went after his brother because of what Trey did to Marissa is "so freaking hot." Marissa doesn't respond, because, as selfish and self-absorbed as she is, even she would have been a better friend here than Summer. Finally, she says she hasn't been able to sleep at night from all that post-shooting guilt. "Oh, senior year," Summer sighs. And then we cut to the mansion they're sunning themselves outside of so we can all feel just a little less sorry for them.

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