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The Little Bitch zooms toward the pier. Johnny's in the passenger seat. He tells Ryan not to do this, but Ryan says he's going to use his head this time. Johnny doesn't think that's possible where Volchok is concerned. Ryan says that if his plan doesn't work, Johnny is to grab Marissa and run away. Drama queen.

The Little Bitch, now scratch-free, screeches into a parking lot. Ryan and Johnny run down to Marissa and Volchok and his gang. Ryan grabs a convenient bottle off the ground and smashes it against the pier. He waves his new weapon in Volchok's face. Volchok is uneasy: "You don't want to do this, man." He'll kidnap and vandalize and be legendary for his violent craziness, but when confronted with a broken bottle, Volchok doesn't know what to do, apparently. Ryan tosses Volchok a piece of wood to use as his weapon, which doesn't seem like a very fair match to me, and tells the screaming Marissa to shut up. He tells Volchok that he's fought guys like him before, and that he will fight Volchok to the death. I hope it will at least look cool, like Mortal Kombat or something. Johnny gives Marissa an "it's cool" hand signal, not like her face showed any sort of worried expression. The music gets all ridiculously suspenseful and the camera zooms in and out of the broken bottle in Ryan's hand. Finally, Volchok drops his weapon and tells his gang to leave. Wimp! Marissa gives Ryan a big hug.

The charity event is over, and Kirsten has time for Sandy again. He tells her that, after firing four people, he's not sure if he can do this job. Kirsten tells him that the fact that he cares so much about his employees means he's just what the NewNewport Group needs. She'd choose Sandy to run things over her own father any day of the week. Well, anyone would. Caleb is dead. Not exactly CEO material anymore, is he? Kirsten tells Sandy she doesn't need him to protect her from information that might upset her anymore. "You are your father's daughter," Sandy says. "No, I'm your wife," Kirsten says. They share a post-"statement of the obvious" kiss.

Marissa and Ryan chill by the Cohens' outdoor fireplace. Marissa says that the whole Ryan-Volchok non-fight was "intense." She's very proud of Ryan for not hitting Volchok, and says he's a changed man. The old Ryan Atwood used to scare Marissa. Ryan says he used to scare himself, too. That's a good thing when you've got a bad case of the hiccups and there's no one around, though. It also makes for a much more entertaining character and show. Marissa says she's going to get Summer and take off. They kiss, and Marissa tells Ryan she's proud of him again. What is she, his mother? Ugh.

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