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Over at the Summer House, Summer paints her nails and blames the whole Volchok-Ryan fight on slutty Casey and her sleeping with the "Surf Nazi" ways. She will admit that Casey had a reason for what she did. Marissa rolls her eyes and says she's not about to ask Johnny if he has feelings for her because, regardless of his answer, it would make things incredibly awkward and end their friendship and this storyline and make me so happy. Actions speak louder than words to Marissa, who contends that Johnny hasn't done anything that would leave her to believe he has feelings for her. Except for, you know, everything he's done since he came on this show.

Seth and Ryan park the Ryan Rover right in front of school. Amazing how they always seem to score the best parking space. Seth urges Ryan not to fight with Volchok, because all he and Summer do is worry needlessly about their friends and give them advice they know will not be followed. Ryan says he has "hung up the hoodie" and retired his fightin' Chino ways, so he won't be fighting Volchok. How convenient that he retired three seconds after punching Volchok in the face.

Taylor Townsend runs up to lay praise all over Seth for helping her make the lock-in such a success. Okay, is Friday in O.C.-land, which we know because tomorrow will be Saturday and then the next day is Sunday's charity function. How weird that Sandy is starting his first day at NewNewport on the last day of the week and Taylor Townsend hasn't had a chance to say anything to Seth about last weekend's lock-in until just now. If you're going to go to the trouble of setting up a timeline, O.C., please make it make sense, too, okay? Anyway, I'm thinking that lock-in was more of a "cesspool of suck" than a "success," but you wouldn't know it the way Taylor Townsend tells Ryan about the popularity of Seth's Capture the Flag game. A positive attitude is always a nice quality in a person, even if it is accompanied by insecurity disguised as megalomania. Taylor Townsend thinks she and Seth should team up again and plan the Christmas dance together, but Seth says Summer would be a much better candidate for that. In fact, she's coming this way! Hearing this, Taylor Townsend takes off. Ryan takes a second to bask in the glow of the fact that someone else is having relationship problems for a change as an angry Summer walks up and yells at her boyfriend for daring to talk to Taylor Townsend. Summer has been very angry at Taylor Townsend ever since she arrived at the lock-in late last week and Taylor Townsend wouldn't let her in. She bruised her hand from knocking so hard. Seth doubts that Taylor Townsend purposely locked Summer out, especially since, though no one points this out, Taylor did fix things so that Summer and Ryan didn't get caught skipping the lock-in. Similarly, no one points out that if Summer's not going to the lock-in is anyone's fault, it's Summer's for being too busy spying on Marissa and getting all up in everyone's business to make it there on time.

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