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The next morning, Marissa comes to Cohen residence to ask Ryan about the Volchok encounter she heard about from Summer. She's "proud" of him for not fighting Volchok, like her opinion really matters, and notices that Ryan has a toolbox out and seems to be busy doing something with it. Ryan takes her to the poolhouse to show off his weekend project: he's set up an old punching bag he found in the garage. Marissa is disgusted. Ryan assures her that he's not using it for training. He's using it for therapy. You'd think a statement like would warrant further discussion, but Marissa just changes the subject to Johnny and how he wanted to fight Volchok himself and how hurt he is about Casey. Ryan suggests inviting Johnny to the Bait Shop concert they're going to tonight to give him something to do that will take his mind off everything. Marissa thinks that's a great idea, and leaves to get some breakfast. Ryan stays behind to wrap his hand in a rag and give his new bag a strong punch.

Kirsten pronounces the next three hours "Kirsten Time," which she will spend at the gym and getting her nails done. Oh, the post-rehab coping mechanisms of the idle rich! Sandy good-naturedly approves of the Kirsten Time idea and drops a few hints that the business world isn't all it's cracked up to be for him. Kirsten finally asks him about work, apparently having been "too busy" yesterday to care. Sandy says things are getting a little overwhelming. Kirsten tells him he can always come to her with questions. But not now, as she turns and leaves the room.

Seth's having some of his own Seth Time, reading a book in the comfort of his bedroom. There's a knock at the door, and enter...Taylor Townsend?!? Kirsten let her in, since "letting people into the house" is a part of Kirsten Time, even if being a listening ear for her husband isn't. Taylor Townsend announces to Seth that she likes him. Predictably, he's very uncomfortable and doesn't really know what to say. Taylor says she usually doesn't go for the "R. Crumb" type, but that Seth is adorable and sweet and cute, so there you go. Plus, she heard that Seth and Summer were breaking up. Seth is alarmed until Taylor Townsend admits that she just made that up. And I thought I was bad at flirting. Wow. Seth launches into a speech designed to let Taylor Townsend down gently while still making it absolutely clear that he is not interested in her, but he's interrupted when Taylor notices the Yakuza Prep movie poster on his wall. She claims it's her favorite movie. Seth is doubtful until Taylor Townsend can name a guy associated with it and is able to list off some of Seth's other movies, which she owns Criterion Collection versions of. Seth starts to re-think his lack of interest in Taylor Townsend and asks her if she likes comic books, too. She says those are for geeks. One step forward, two steps back for Taylor Townsend. Three steps back, actually, as she starts going on about how her and Seth's shared love of obscure martial-arts movies means they're soulmates. Summer calls to confirm tonight's Bait Shop plans, giving Taylor Townsend the unsupervised opportunity to steal Captain Oats (NO!!!). She says goodbye to Seth just loud enough for Summer to hear. Summer demands to know why she's hearing a female voice in Seth's room. Seth lies that he's listening to NPR, and Summer is confused enough by the concept of National Public Radio to be thrown of the scent. You know who probably loves NPR, Seth? Taylor Townsend. I'm just saying.

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