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7 talks to her scrubby boyfriend on the phone. He's packing their things for their escape to Puerto Rico, where the American dollar goes farther. Until you get arrested and extradited back to America, you dumb-asses. 7 practically screams out the details of her evil plan to make off with both her and Julie's halves of the money, then hangs up and walks all of three steps over to Kirsten, who's is still locked in Kirsten World and therefore couldn't hear 7's phone conversation. The club is making Kirsten sign a liability agreement for the function. Julie urges her not to sign, but Kirsten doesn't think anything can go wrong and signs. She leaves to hand the form to whoever needs it, leaving Julie and 7 alone again. Julie is still uneasy. 7 tells her that the liability form has nothing to do with people stealing charity fund money, and that Kirsten and everyone will be okay.

Sandy and Matt are back at the office. Sandy is pleased to report that he came up with a plan that will allow them to spare five of the nine people from getting the axe, although he will have to cut his own salary to do it. Matt complains that this leaves them no margin for error, and therefore is a very risky idea. Sandy says this is the way he will run his company. Generously and stupidly.

The Subways perform at the Bait Shop. Whooo. The gang plus Johnny watch the show. Johnny suspects that this was a "pity invite," but Marissa assures him that it wasn't. Except that it was, and doesn't Johnny have a friend in Chili to help him through stuff like this as well? Poor Chili is probably home by himself crying that Marissa has stolen his only friend. Marissa invites Johnny to the next night's charity function, because nothing keeps your mind off of your cheating girlfriend than a stuffy event full of boring rich people. ["That you have to pay to get into." -- Wing Chun]

The bartender ignores Seth. Taylor Townsend, however, gives him plenty of attention. Taylor Townsend didn't even exist until this season, and now she's freaking everywhere in town! Seth decides to breaks it down for her: he is with Summer. He loves Summer. Even if he were single, he wouldn't want to be with Taylor Townsend. The object of Seth's affection walks up and angrily asks Taylor Townsend why she's always talking to her boyfriend. Taylor Townsend plays innocent and volunteers to leave, since she's causing so much trouble for everyone. But first, she returns Captain Oats to Seth. "Thanks for letting me borrow him!" she says. "It really means a lot to me that you trust me." That's how to land yourself a man: show him your evil, scheming side! Well played, T.T. Summer immediately believes Taylor's story and is really pissed off. Seth tries to explain that Taylor stole Captain Oats when she was in his bedroom earlier, but that doesn't make things much better, since it exposes Seth's lie to Summer about NPR. Summer asks Seth if something happened between him and Taylor at the lock-in. Seth just shakes his head stupidly. Summer calls him a jerk and storms off. Seth is so upset that he almost runs away without Captain Oats.

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