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Spyin' Ryan watches Seth and Summer's fight from afar, and then spots one of Volchok's friends in the crowd. He grabs Marissa and Johnny to leave, but it's too late. And now Volchok has a new friend: Heather, Marissa's public-school arch-nemesis. Volchok sure does hang out with a lot of high-school girls. Heather and Volchok try to goad Ryan into a fight, making fun of him for letting his girlfriend shoot people for him. It's only when Volchok grabs Marissa's arm that Ryan springs into action, grabbing Volchok and throwing him against the bar. Volchok is thrilled to have found Ryan's trigger. He's not so thrilled when the bouncer kicks him out of the Bait Shop.

The next morning, Ryan comes in for breakfast and a father-son chat. He tells Sandy that a guy is determined to fight him. Sandy asks if this is related to the "Little Bitch" scratch he found in his car, and points out that they can report Volchok to the cops and end this right now. Ryan doesn't think that will help anything, though, which is ridiculous. He tells Sandy that he knows he can't get in a fight, but that he doesn't know any alternative at this point. Sandy tells him to keep walking away, and congratulates him on using his brains instead of his fists (so far). Except for the one time when Ryan punched Volchok in the face and started this whole thing, a fact Ryan conveniently doesn't share with Sandy. The talk is interrupted by a call from Matt. Whatever he has to say, it requires Sandy to be at the NewNewport Group RIGHT NOW and therefore craps all over Ryan's one attempt to reach out to someone and get help. Oh well.

Marissa and Chili have another secret plan that doesn't seem to require Chili's presence at all. They drive along the beach looking for Volchok and find him in his van. "Don't shoot!" Volchok says when he sees Marissa. Hee. Marissa wants to make a deal with Volchok: she'll give him her Cartier watch, worth $4000, if Volchok agrees to leave Ryan alone. Uh...way to hold onto that watch and mooch off Summer's hospitality, there, Marissa. And I'm sure your mom couldn't have used the extra cash at any point, nor could those poor people who worked for her at the mansion over the summer and never got paid. Volchok agrees to the deal. Marissa says that if he goes back on it, she'll tell the cops Volchok stole her watch. That's a great plan, Marissa. Losing four grand to keep a guy from bothering your boyfriend is about as smart as spending money on rehab and a condo to steal an equal amount of money from a charity function, I'd say.

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