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Julie shows up at the Yacht Club, where Kirsten is already ordering everyone around to make sure that tonight's function is perfect. Julie feels guilty. Kirsten says she's so glad to have a chance to do this with the person who tried to put her son in jail. Julie feels extra-guilty.

Sandy marches into the NewNewport Group, where Matt is waiting for him. Apparently, Matt went behind Sandy's back and called four employees in to fire them, figuring they'd appreciate not having to be fired during the week and endure the humiliation of packing their desks up in front of their former co-workers. And getting that extra day's paycheck. They would have hated that, I'm sure. Matt thought he was doing Sandy a big favor by firing the employees and sparing Sandy the pain of having to do it himself. Sandy says he doesn't let people do his dirty work for him, unlike everyone else on this show. He sends Matt home and goes into his office to fire some people.

Summer sets tables for the function. Seth is too busy apologizing and trying to explain things to help out at this thing that is really important to his mother. Out of nowhere, Summer slaps him in the face. That's kind of abusive.

Ryan and Johnny watch the Seth/Summer fireworks, and then talk about Volchok. Ryan says he knows guys like Volchok and can handle him. Johnny says that Ryan seems to have a lot of experience with these situations. Ryan says he seems to get in them "every week," except, of course, during the baseball championship season.

Over at the CONdo, Julie has decided not to attend tonight's function. 7 tells Julie that if she doesn't go to the function and allow their plan to go off without a hitch, 7 will go to the police and tell them about how this whole thing was Julie's idea, including the scam. 7 won't get arrested for any of it because she'll be in Puerto Rico, which certainly isn't an American territory with an extradition agreement or anything like that. 7 doesn't think Julie could do jail. "Get. Dressed," she orders.

Summer asks Marissa for reassurance that she's prettier than Taylor Townsend. Marissa gives it to her, along with a vase full of flowers to put on a table. Summer wanders off as Heather enters the club. And she's not dressed for a charity event, either. She gives Marissa her watch back, saying that Volchok doesn't want it. He wants cash. He's in the parking lot if Marissa wants to see him.

Stupid Marissa goes outside, where Volchok is, indeed, hanging out in his van. Volchok says he needs money right now, and the pawn shop isn't open, so her watch is useless to him. He'd be happy to give Marissa a ride to the ATM so that she can take out some money and give it to them, though. Marissa moves her eyes slightly. I think she's upset? Angry? Reluctant? She's certainly gullible, as she hops into the van after Volchok says he'd be happy to walk into the function and start a fight with Ryan, which would actually be the best thing for everyone because then the Yacht Club police could deal with Volchok and he'd be out of Ryan's life forever.

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