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Charity function! Julie tries to mingle with the crowd, but her rather tacky jokes about people having to go to rehab for ahi roll abuse totally bomb and make everyone feel uncomfortable. Kirsten comes up and sincerely thanks Julie for getting her involved in this and being so supportive of her throughout it. Caleb would be so proud of them tonight. Kirsten walks away so that Julie can wallow in her guilt.

Taylor Townsend is at the function, and she's brought Momma T along too! Momma T is her usual awful self, making fun of Taylor for not having any friends here like she said she would. Seth overhears and, despite Taylor's theft of Captain Oats and general evil plotting to make his life difficult by ruining things with him and Summer, he can't resist a damsel in distress. He walks up and introduces himself to Momma T, who immediately embarrasses Taylor by saying that Seth must be the guy Taylor brought a present for, after wrapping and re-wrapping it four times. "Oh my god," Taylor mutters, so humiliated. Momma T would have brought some naked baby pictures of Taylor to show Seth, but she doesn't have any pictures of her daughter because, you know, she hates her. Taylor hands Seth a small wrapped gift. He opens it to reveal a DVD of The Yakuza Demon. He's thrilled, since the movie is only available in Japan. He tries to thank Taylor, but she just runs outside.

Seth follows Taylor, against his better judgment. Taylor sobs that her mother is horrible and is always harping on her for not having any friends. "She doesn't know what she's talking about," Seth says. Taylor says that, the thing is, Momma T is right. She knows Taylor lives in a dreamworld where Summer is her friend and Seth likes her, when the truth is that Taylor doesn't have any friends and Seth hates her. "Even the Grinch had that stupid little dog!" Taylor cries. Awwww. Seth's initial reaction is shock that Taylor would think she's friends with Summer. Once he gets over that, he tells Taylor that he does like her -- as a friend. Taylor lets out what my closed captioning describes as a "rueful chuckle." Seth says he's totally serious: Taylor is funny, has great taste in movies, and is smart and interesting, and he's stupidly putting his hand on her shoulder through his speech. Taylor takes his hand and puts it on her face. Seth pries her fingers off him and says he needs to go find Summer. Right now. He runs away, saying they'll talk in school, and that he feels "really good about this." Taylor giggles. "It's happening!" she says to herself, doing her own imitation of Bring It On's spirit fingers.

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