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Jesus And Moses Sittin' In A Tree

Close-up of Seth's cute red shoes. He lies on the couch as the camera indiscreetly pans over a glass jarful of blue Christmas balls. Ryan enters, asking how it went with the girls. In response, Seth offers Ryan up his very own Seth Cohen Starter Pack. Ryan declines: "I think I'm past that now." Aw. He waggles his stocking in Seth's direction, and Seth perks up to ask if that's what he thinks it is? Ryan reveals that he thought he'd hang it. Seth's all, "All right, man! Another Chrismukkah convert!" He never doubted it for a moment, though, and even put the hook up just in case! As they head toward the mantel, Sandy and Kirsten enter, Sandy goofily offering up their movie choices: Fiddler on the Roof, It's a Wonderful Life, or "Sylvester Stallone's Over The Top." Seth laughingly asks if that's "the arm-wrestling movie," and Sandy corrects -- in a dead-on Sly Stallone imitation (seriously? I feel for you if you missed it) -- "Arm-wrestling classic." Seth presents Sandy and Kirsten with the rejected Seth Cohen Starter Packs, wishing them "Merry Chrismukkah." Sandy shakes the package and looks at Seth in curiosity, while Kirsten is focused on something else in the room. Sandy and Seth follow her gaze to the fireplace, where Ryan is abashedly hanging his stocking. Aw. The expression of joy on Kirsten's face is so perfect it gets another "aw." This is an aw-filled episode. Ryan turns to see them watching him, raises his eyebrows, and walks away, obviously not wanting any fuss. As Ryan joins the family across the room, Sandy puts his arm around him. The camera closes in on the four stockings, some of which have Jewish stars on their toes. Hee. Then, we cut to a Christmas card featuring the three Cohens (one of whom is clad in a fetching reindeer sweater -- guess who!) and a smiling Ryan. Aw. Aw. Aw. And aw.

In two weeks on The O.C., Marissa can't wait to celebrate the new year with Ryan. She says, "I love you." He says, "Thank you." Also, Kirsten's sister comes home. In her underwear. And then there's some double-dog-daring between Kirsten and Sandy at a swingers' party.

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