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Jesus And Moses Sittin' In A Tree

Harbor School. Ryan marvels that Summer and Anna are attending the same party. When Seth points out that neither will be his date, Ryan asks whether they know that; Seth shiftily claims that they do. He urges Ryan to relax because it's a big party! And even though Ryan might be "all doom and gloom," Seth says, "Me? Check it out! I'm snowflakes, okay? I'm latkes. Chrismukkah is coming!" When Ryan asks what happens when Chrismukkah ends, Seth deeply inhales, clutches his chest, closes his eyes, and gasps, "I hate it when Chrismukkah ends." Summer pops up in front of them, enthusiastically greeting Seth and throwing a quick "hey" Ryan's way. How things change. She asks about tonight: will Seth drive, or should Summer pick him up? Anna bounds toward them from the opposite direction, wearing yet another fugly pink hat. She asks the same questions while Ryan stares at Seth in amusement. The girls notice each other and "hey" while Seth makes his oblivious whistling face again. He announces that they should all probably meet there, and at "whatever time [they] so choose to get there, by whatever means." The girls stomp off in opposite directions, and Ryan warns, "You'd better pray for a Chrismukkah miracle." Seth's not worried because he's got both Jesus and Moses on his side. The writers were really reaching with the Moses.

The camera zooms in on a giant gold star on an equally giant Christmas tree. Lady Heather stares up at it from below, advising the decorators that "the balls are the key to the whole tree. They need to breathe." And even though I don't know what it means, that's a little squicky. When Kirsten approaches, Lady Heather asks what she thinks; Kirsten evasively answers, "It's really something." Lady Heather deduces that Kirsten doesn't like it, and Kirsten explains that her mother used to put the Christmas tree in the foyer, so it's their tradition. Lady Heather responds that Caleb told her the same thing, but that the holidays are hard enough, and Caleb doesn't need to be reminded of the past -- he just needs to enjoy this Christmas. She asks whether Caleb told Kirsten that they need her office: they're doing a "Santa thing" for children and need "a holding area for the elves." She further inquires as to what Kirsten's doing there anyway, since Caleb said she was working from home today. Kirsten says, "He did?" And then snits that Caleb is full of surprises.

Kirsten enters Caleb's giant, beige office behind him, as he rants that he changed his mind because if the land trust can come up with $200 million, they surely can come up with $300 million. When Kirsten whines that she thought it was over, Caleb responds, "You can always get a little more blood out of the stone." Kirsten shoots back, "But the my husband!" Caleb ignores her plea and suggests that they will spend the holidays working; she says it sounds good, and that he should have fun. When he asks what she's talking about, Kirsten announces that she's going to do something she's never done -- she's taking a Christmas vacation! He urges her not to be ridiculous -- she hates sitting around the house! Even more, though, she hates fighting with him! She tells him to spend the next two weeks buried in legal documents because she'll be home wrapping gifts!

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