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Pool house. Ryan gets dressed as Seth enters, wearing a gray suit with a navy shirt and a burgundy tie. It's not really working in a traditional sense. But in the sense that everything Adam Brody wears is adorable, it's just fine. Seth points out the presents from Treyelle and Dawn as "pretty cool," and Ryan agrees, except now it means he has to buy eight gifts, and he only saved enough for one. Seth's all, "Ryan. That sorta reminds me of the story of Chanukah, dude. Check it out!" When Ryan is blatantly unreceptive to the story, Seth concludes, "I think you get the gist." He asks how the mall was, and Ryan responds, "Weird." Seth sits and concludes, "Yes. You've really painted a picture for me. I feel like I was there." Ryan further reveals that Marissa "picked up a few things...without paying for them," and Seth's all, "As in..." Ryan concludes, "Shoplifting." Seth agrees that "weird" is the word. Ryan points out everything going on with Marissa's family, and Seth posits that it must be hard for her at this time of year; Ryan just wishes there was something he could do or say. Seth breaks the tension by announcing that he got Ryan something. Ryan protests that they had an agreement, but Seth promises that it's something different and "a requirement," revealing a stocking with Ryan's name on it. He knows it's "a bit minty," but all the Cohens have them, and they thought Ryan should too. Ryan stares at it before agreeing that it's cool. Seth suggests that it might meet "a kinder fate" than Ryan's wreath did, but even if it doesn't, they still want him to have it. He's off to "make magic happen," and on his way out the door, he announces, "I feel like my hair's workin' for me tonight." It was flippier, though, in the first scene. I liked it better. Ryan just stares at the stocking and looks uncertain, yet pleased.

The Beautiful Blue Bedroom. Kirsten shines (literally; again with the shiny), wearing a slinky flesh-toned dress. As Sandy bounds into the room apologizing for his lateness, she quickly reaches for her champagne glass of confidence. Sandy promises to hurry, and then cheerfully reveals that he and Caleb reached a settlement today after Caleb gouged him out of even more money. Kirsten can't believe Caleb asked for more, and Sandy reveals that it was "just $250 million." Still, Sandy is glad they finally closed the deal, which Caleb claims he did because of Kirsten. Sandy suggests that her vacation must have hit Caleb hard, because now he wants to spend the holidays as a family. He supposes that Caleb might actually be changing, but -- after seeing Kirsten's grim expression -- concludes, "Or maybe he is a truly fantastic liar. What's wrong?" Kirsten sighs and turns to face him, announcing that she found something today and she doesn't know if she can give it to Sandy, but she doesn't know if she can't. Sandy calmly says "okay" and Kirsten adds that Caleb will know she gave this information to Sandy, and will have every right to fire her. She slowly slides a piece of paper facedown across her dressing table toward Sandy. He picks it up, glances over it, and yelps, "You have got to be kidding me!" He says that it changes everything, and Kirsten concludes that she'll have to learn to relax, since she'll have so much free time. Sandy apologizes to her for the situation, and she counters, "Not as sorry as [Caleb's] gonna be!" Sandy asks whether Kirsten still wants to go to the party, and she says she wouldn't miss it for the world, getting up to prepare. A gape-mouthed Sandy slides into her vacated seat and stares at the document.

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