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Doorbell. Seth bounds down the steps, opening the door to find a demure-looking Anna. She wiggles mistletoe over his head and kisses him sweetly on the cheek. He deems it very "festive," and asks what she's doing there; he thought they were meeting at the party, and he's going with his parents! Anna thought they could go together, but he worries that it will "violate [the] little Geneva Convention of dating [they] have going on." He worries about Summer, and Anna asks how she'll even know. Doorbell.

And, you guessed it: Summer, doing the same mistletoe shtick. She immediately sees Anna and recoils. They both ask what the other's doing there, and accusations of deal-breaking fly. Seth watches and makes concerned hand gestures. When the girls finally ask whose side he's on, he announces, "No! There are no sides, you guys. There's only, um, rides! With my parents! We'll all go together." Summer is wearing a flattering black and white dress, a tiara, and unfortunate blue eye shadow. Anna, meanwhile, dunked herself in glue and then rolled around in a giant vat of sparkles.

Close-up on Seth's anxious face, while happy Hanukkah music plays. The camera pulls back to reveal that he's sandwiched on a couch between Anna and Summer. Anna flirts that she has his gift, promising to give it to him later. So does Summer, and she'll do the same. Seth tells Summer that he can't wait, and then turns back to appease Anna: "For either." Summer does gets a hand on the leg, though. Which results in Seth's getting an elbow in the side from Anna. Kirsten and Sandy enter, surprised and amused to see both girls. Sandy grins, "Ladies!" He turns to Kirsten and says, "Oh, this is gonna be some party."

Ryan clasps a necklace around Marissa's neck and suggests that it might not be such a bad idea for her to talk to someone. She points out that Ryan's someone, so why can't she just talk to him? Ryan insists that she can talk to him, and she snittily asks why she needs the help of a trained professional just because she stole a lipstick. Ryan rebuts that it's not about that, but Marissa doesn't see what it is about, then. He tells her to do what she wants, and she says she will! Because if no one is making her parents go to therapy, then no one can make her! Marissa announces, "You know, I'm the only normal one in this family!" Ryan looks dismayed, and appears to have taken the statement personally, although I don't really get any particular corollary to his own situation. Marissa apologizes, and then claims that she left her wrap upstairs and asks him to grab it for her while she gets her purse. He leaves, and we see her rooting around in Jimmy's liquor cabinet for a small bottle of Absolut Bad Actress. She sneakily drops it into her purse.

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