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Jesus And Moses Sittin' In A Tree

Party. The Cohen family troops in, Seth flanked by Anna and Summer. A waiter approaches, offering up appetizers and causing Seth to joke, "Come on, buddy. Change it up a little." The waiter nods and leaves. Summer and Anna both encourage Seth to follow them in opposite directions; Seth pauses and says he'll go look for Ryan instead, nearly pushing the girls out of the way to get past them. They scoff and turn away from each other.

Caleb and Lady Heather welcome Kirsten and Sandy. Caleb asks Kirsten whether Sandy shared their good news, and she curtly says he did. When Sandy announces that he needs to follow up on a few things, Caleb calls him "Sanford" and tells him it's a party; he suggests that he recall his Berkeley days, adding, "Maybe you can smoke the tree!" Sandy leans over to Kirsten and repeats, "'Maybe you can smoke the tree.' Funny." Sandy says he's going to "nail him" now, and chases after Caleb. Lady Heather asks what Kirsten thinks of the party. She knows how Kirsten feels about the tree, but what about the rest of it? Kirsten earnestly insists that it's great, and Lady Heather anxiously asks what Caleb thinks. Has he said anything? When Kirsten points out that she hasn't had a chance to talk to him yet, Lady Heather pleads that she just wants it to be a party that he'll never forget; Kirsten thinks it has a shot.

Marissa stands looking at a giant, illuminated Christmas ornament. Ryan brings her a soda, and asks if she's okay. And if that dress can make someone as skinny as Mischa Barton look pregnant, there's a real problem with it. Marissa apathetically says that she is, and asks why he's asking. Ryan explains that it's been intense, and that he knows she doesn't want to be here. She sweetly insists that she wants to be where he is and he's here. They kiss. Lady Heather clicks over and scolds her. She commends her on wearing the "pretty" Chanel, then points out that Marissa hasn't said hello to Caleb yet. While Ryan awkwardly inspects his hands, Marissa snaps that Caleb was talking to other people, and she didn't want to interrupt him. Ryan looks baleful as Lady Heather points out that Caleb's ready now, and Marissa snits that she's not. They "Marissa" and "Mom" each other. Marissa is a guest at the party! Only because Lady Heather made her come! Lady Heather claims that Marissa's in enough trouble already, punctuating the warning with a snippy "young lady." She asks if it's going to be like this between them from now on and Marissa doesn't know -- she'll ask her shrink! Marissa stomps off for the bathroom, leaving Lady Heather to grumble in Ryan's direction, "I hate the holidays." Ryan responds, "Right there with you."

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