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The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't

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The Year Without A Hanukkah Zombie

Aunt Lindsay and Seth walk down the street, discussing the origins of Chrismukkah. Seth tells her, "Jesus and Moses, they put it together over lunch -- a few years back now, I think it was." Aunt Lindsay wonders what Moses has to do with Hanukkah, and Seth hems and haws, telling her that she's missing the point of the holiday. By this time they are at her house, and as they walk up the street, someone flips a switch and reveals that her house has been completely covered with Christmas lights, including a Christmas tree in the yard. I get why Summer and Marissa needed extension cords, but what's the generator for? When I was a kid, we just plugged all our Christmas lights into a regular wall outlet. Damn southern Californians! In any case, Kirsten, Sandy, Renee, Ryan, Summer, and Marissa are all in the yard. Kirsten walks up to Aunt Lindsay and introduces herself, says "Welcome," and then hugs her. Aunt Lindsay is crying, and tells Kirsten, "This is weird." Kirsten tells her the whole family is pretty weird. Sandy and Renee speak together as Kirsten and Aunt Lindsay walk up the driveway. Renee hopes that, someday, Aunt Lindsay will be able to forgive her. Seth and Summer are sitting together on the porch, each wearing a yarmuclaus. He thanks her for saving Chrismukkah, and she tells him that he can begin repaying her by carrying her tree back to her car later. Marissa walks out of the house carrying a tray, and offering everyone egg nog and latkes. Seth inappropriately tells the viewing audience that Summer shouldn't have any: "It gives her gas." Aunt Lindsay sits down next to Ryan. She tells him that she doesn't know what to say, and he tells her she doesn't have to say anything. He also puts a yarmuclaus on her head. Marissa offers them some latkes, but Aunt Lindsay thinks they sound kind of disgusting. Someone asks if they can order a pizza, and Seth asks them if they want to hear the Chrismukkah anthem. Fortunately, the camera pans out and we fade to black before we have to hear more than a couple of lines.

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