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The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't

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The Year Without A Hanukkah Zombie

Christmas tree lot. Summer is evaluating a tree: "Fresh minty smell, symmetrical conical shape." A Christmas tree is not supposed to smell minty. It's supposed to smell like a Christmas tree. Damn southern Californians! Seth thinks they should take it, but Summer rejects it for being "too bushy." She likes another one for its "needle retention," but worries that it's too dry. He tells her to just pick a tree -- apparently, they've been there for hours. Summer: "You are right. And if I don't pull the trigger soon, we're gonna be late to your house." She marches on to another tree, and he trails after her. He's about to uninvite her when she interrupts: "I think it's really cool that you invited me tonight. After everything we've been through, you were able to put aside our differences. I think that you're really changing, and maybe we're actually friends." Seth seems pretty thrilled by that little speech. Which makes sense, since it was about him. Summer points out the mistletoe hanging over them, and then leans in and kisses Seth on the cheek. She asks him what he wanted to say, and he looks at her and asks her, "How do you feel about making latkes?" She's thrilled with the idea, and then points to the largest tree on the lot and asks him to carry it to her car.

Poolhouse. Cats meow melodically. LTG whimpers quietly. Seth and Ryan both enter the room. Ryan asks Seth how it went with Summer, and Seth throws it right back to Ryan, asking whether Aunt Lindsay took it "better than expected." Ryan breaks the news that he couldn't do it. Seth accuses him of wussing out. Takes one to know one. But Ryan explains how miserable Aunt Lindsay always is around the holidays, and then he drops the big bomb on Seth: "She made a yarmuclaus." Seth: "A yarmu- what?" Ryan reaches over to the table next to him, picks up the yarmuclaus, and slowly hands it to Seth -- all the while keeping his face turned away from Seth, as if he expects him to explode and he doesn't want any Seth parts in his eyes. I mean, other than the Seth parts he's had in his eyes before. Seth is orgasmic over the yarmuclaus: "Holy Moses, it's beautiful." Ryan is at least grateful that Marissa and Summer aren't coming. Just as Seth is about to explain that he also wussed out, Marissa and Summer walk through the open door. And the cats retire.

The doorbell rings, and Sandy and Kirsten answer it together. It's Caleb and Julie. Sandy addresses them as "the Grinch, and Lady Grinch." Julie tells Kirsten that she brought fruitcake, and then drops her coat into Kirsten's arms. Caleb asks Sandy if they can talk. Sandy: "It's up to you."

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