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My best guess is that Taylor is very powerful and forceful in her daily life, and the only time that she's powerless is with her mom, because that's how overcompensation works, so her vision quest deal is about saving that part from her mom, and she would see it as an ineffectual, beaten-down masculine part of herself. That's the best I got. Also, though, the beauty in having her living at the Roberts house is that it makes a parallel to Ryan; if you think of Julie as getting her own Ryan Atwood by grabbing Taylor, thereby keeping up with Kirsten and Sandy, that puts Taylor and Ryan on equal footing across the board, and also explains why Taylor also doesn't exist in alt-world. Which makes her the anti-Marissa in the same way, because Marissa didn't have a place because she was screwed up, while Taylor and Ryan are screwed up because they don't have a place. Which is also their strength, which is what this episode is really about. "Okay, you can do this," Taylor murmurs to herself as she approaches. Veronica turns to her: "Do what, eat? That's apparent." And Taylor gets a 158.3 quarterback score with a single sack: "Shut up! Why do you have to be so mean? Neither he nor I are remotely fat. We are smart, and attractive, and interesting, and people like us. And we are not going to let you make us feel bad about ourselves any more." Boy-Taylor is quite pleased with all this; Veronica is unflappable: "I imagine the mirror does that for you." Taylor loses control: "You... bitch!" Feels good, no? She immediately runs off, completely on fire with it.

Ryan finds her hyperventilating at a table. "I can't believe I just said that. I can't believe I finally did it." He tells her he's proud of her; she remarks on the sudden sound of rain and looks like she might pass out-slash-wake up from her coma. He offers to get her a glass of alt-water.

Jimmy comes running in screaming about how could Chester and Julie be macking in his house, in his bathroom even. "I have to brush my teeth in there." Chester offers another nonsensical yo-dawg: "So do I! But I don't use a toothbrush! Oh!" Everybody ignores him; Jimmy notes how Julie is still a total whore. Everybody converges and Jimmy tries to tell "Mr. Mayor" what's going on. Julie begs him to stop, and Summer goes "Ooooh!" like she's in the audience on Maury. Jimmy tells everybody that Julie's thong was in Chester's mouth; said mouth hangs open stupidly. "Shut up!" yells Summer, and Chester tells her it was just stuck and he was helping her out. "That's what you said before with Holly. How come all these women around you keep getting their thongs stuck? I'm starting to get suspicious... " says Summer, brilliantly. Bilson rocks. Seth steps in front of Chester and he tells him to move it or lose it. "Then I will lose it, whatever it is." Chester makes to kill Seth, but then with a whispered oh snap locates his next removifiable thong on a blonde and takes off with a woof. Summer grins cutely at Seth and says he was just, like, so brave.

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