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Give It Up For Short-Term Memory!

I was just worrying about the state of the ham! Thank God Seth and Sandy show up with Chrismukkah in tow. Weirdly, my first thought was "It's just not Chrismukkah without Lindsay," even though she was barely around. I think it's because that one was my favorite. They run into Jules, who's standing in the hallway with her daughter's letter. "From Marissa. Sent it the day she was leaving." Seth pronounces this a Chrismukkah miracle. I'm inclined to agree. I always said "Donut Run" was the classiest sendoff for a character I adored from the minority. This is definitely a contender. Marissa said to Ryan, in the letter, that she had to leave Newport because it was the only way they could get on with their lives. That she loved him but she had to say goodbye. Kaitlin comes out of the room -- I'm really glad, in a way, that she wasn't there for that moment -- and grabs the food, dragging Seth into the hospital room, talking about how Coma Taylor is, at the least, a nice break. He agrees. Everybody agrees.

Outside, Sandy asks Julie how she's doing. She smiles and nods her head. "I'm okay. Thanks." The alt-world coma that she went into the second her daughter died. The things she'd do. The things she would allow herself to do. The dangerous and stupid places she'd put her dearest friends' children, in her grief. She's been in a coma since Marissa died, and now she can say goodbye, and wake up. And hopefully fuck Bullet, throwing all three daughters into a tailspin regarding his hot son. When I think about this episode, it won't be the alt-world and it won't be Ryan finally giving in to the inexorable power of Taylor and it won't be Taylor the tranny. It will be this one look on Julie's face. She can rest. It will be the perfect smile on Julie's face as she looks down at Ryan, sleeping, and puts the Marissa letter on the table by his beautiful sleeping head.

The letter glows with important magic, and shifts to alt-world. A gorgeous and complexifying cover of "Into Dust" plays as Ryan goes to Marissa's beach place, sits down, reads the letter, thinks, says goodbye. After a long while, he stands up and heads out into the beach, fading away as he goes. His word "Goodbye" and the echo it leaves, for the third and last time. The letter, left behind, disappears.

Ryan wakes up with his hand in Taylor's; she is wearing a silly fluffy robe with pink flowers and green leaves. He tells her a Marissa "hey" and she responds in a very Taylor "Hi," with a beautiful smile indeed. "I just had the weirdest dream... you were in it, I think." She dimly remembers that he was in her dream too; neither of them can remember what they dreamt. That's probably best. "I'm really glad you're here," he says, and she melts. The smile on her face; this girl, I tell you. I fell in love with her at the lockout. She's like Willow to me now: cannot allow her to be sad, cannot help but rejoice when she smiles. At the window, Summer notes that the rain's stopped; Sandy welcomes Ryan back to the land of the living. Kirsten tells him everything's going to be okay. He knows that. And Julie smiles down at Ryan with only love. It is beautiful and touching. Taylor sits on his bed, and he puts his arm around her. Everybody talks and everybody laughs, and everybody is forgiven. Everybody moves forward. Merry Chrismukkah.

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