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Dear Johnny
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Ryan is rudely awakened by Sandy, who worriedly reports that Seth has disappeared. Usually, it's Seth who's being told that Ryan is gone, so this is quite the change-up. You have to wonder how long Seth was gone before Sandy "Wait, I Have Kids?" Cohen noticed. Seth could be anywhere by now! Ryan -- a quick thinker even before his morning black coffee -- is able to cover for Seth and tell Sandy that he probably just went to school early to do some last-minute studying. Although, given how early these kids already get up before school so that they can have their usual breakfast at the diner and run other assorted errands around town, it must be, like, 3 in the morning. Or maybe that's not the sun coming up we see through Ryan's window -- it's the sun going down. Last week. Sandy suspects that Ryan isn't telling him the truth, because someone who sleeps in what appear to be street clothes like Ryan does should never be trusted.

Ryan finds Seth on the pier, contemplating life. He asks Seth to tell him what's wrong, and Seth says that Ryan isn't the only person in his family who's allowed to brood. Unlike Ryan, though, Seth immediately lets loose with all his recent problems: he skipped the Brown interview and lied to Summer about it. He insists that he does not have a problem with pot, since that would be too much of an "after-school special." Yes, it would be. And yet, here we are. Because Ryan knows that Seth is at the pier for reasons besides watching the sun rise and/or set, and that is to buy some more weed. No, Seth! Not at the pier! Everyone knows it's lousy with undercover cops (except for the times when Kaitlin is openly smoking pot).

We get an exterior shot of the trailer park, which still looks like it was just hit by a tornado, what with the leaves scattered all over the ground and the electrical pole splayed across the sidewalk. I know this trailer park is supposed to be for poor people, despite its proximity to the ocean and Newport's finest mansions, but you'd think that someone from the Department of Light and Power would have stopped by to fix that power line. Maybe they're waiting for May sweeps to do it. Also, I really don't think it's fair that the power line has now gotten more screen time than Gus, unless we get to see Marissa accidentally stepping on it and electrocuting herself. Inside the trailer, Kaitlin is looking through the thirteen thousand bathing suits she brought home from school, apparently anticipating spending her winter break somewhere a lot warmer and wetter. Instead, she gets to use them for a morning surfing lesson with Johnny. Marissa pretends not to care, but when Kaitlin presses her about fifteen times, she can't admit that she has no feelings for Johnny.

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