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Dear Johnny

Kaitlin's enjoying an old horror flick on her black and white trailer park TV set when there's a knock at the door. It's Johnny, and he's inviting her out for a night on the beach. "Bonfire and tequila," he offers. Well, that's always a great combination. Kaitlin contributes a bottle from Julie's way-too-accessible stash, and they're off.

Kirsten finds Sandy sulking in his NewNewport office. She comes bearing dinner and a sympathetic ear, because that is her role. Sandy says that he wants his hospital more than anything. Kirsten says that, in that case, he shouldn't let Matt and Maya's relationship interfere with it. She's kind of missing the point there. I'm starting to wonder why all these people use Kirsten as a sounding board when her advice is either wildly off-base or just plain crappy. Sandy says that he has to draw the business ethics line somewhere. Kirsten is confident that Sandy knows where the line is supposed to be. I do, too: just to the left of dating a girl just to win her dad's favor after your boss specifically told you not to. Fire Matt, Sandy.

Seth managed to score some more weed, and he's smoking it when Summer makes an unannounced visit. She brought two chick flicks for them to enjoy. What a fun weekend night they'll be having! Seth quickly escorts her downstairs and away from his pot-stinking bedroom.

Johnny and Kaitlin drink on the beach next to their glowing bonfire. Kaitlin complains that they don't have anything to mix the tequila with, which you'd think she would've thought of before they left. Johnny's not complaining, though. He loves tequila! Kaitlin wants to make out now, but Johnny's wasted and uninterested. It's pretty hard to turn off a drunk teenage boy, but Kaitlin managed to do it. How embarrassing! She wanders off to find some more fuel for their fire, determined to get her hands on some wood tonight one way or another. This leaves Johnny alone to re-read Marissa's letter, pout over its contents (which we don't get to see but can guess about), and then toss it in the fire. Kaitlin comes back with some driftwood just in time to get invited to climb up the nearby cliffs. Even Kaitlin The Bad-Ass doesn't think you should climb rocks while wasted, but Johnny won't be deterred. Dun dun dunnnn!

Back in the less melodramatic adult world, Julie comes back home and fails to notice the absence of one of her liquor bottles. Great job there, Mom. I guarantee you my parents would have noticed if a drop of liquor was missing from the house, let alone an entire bottle. If, that is, they had kept hard alcohol in our house. There's a knock on the trailer door. Julie assumes it's Gus with an invite to his strip Pinochle game, but it's just Dr. Neil. Damn damn damn! I love Gus! Why can't he and Julie be together?! Strip Pinochle, people! It would have been so awesome! Dr. Neil thanks Julie for fixing him up with the wonderful Newpsie he met tonight. Julie coldly says that she's about to enjoy a dinner of a Hot Pocket and a wine cooler and tries to close the door in Dr. Neil's face. Dr. Neil's prodigious gut keeps the door open, though, and he announces that he wants Julie, even if she is a lying manipulator. "I've fallen for you," he tells her. Julie cries and says that this is Dr. Neil's lucky night, because she's got an extra Hot Pocket. Well, of course she does! They always come in packs of two. Dr. Neil is never one to pass up food, and he accepts her invitation.

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