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Dear Johnny

Johnny climbs drunkenly. Kaitlin stays on the beach and begs him to come back down. Despite his bad knee and the fact that he's using one hand to hold the liquor bottle, he manages to make it to the top. That's pretty impressive!

Marissa and Ryan return to the poolhouse with some Thai takeout. Marissa complains that Seth ate all of her dumplings. Well, it's not like she was going to eat them. Marissa tries to talk to Ryan, but he's not having it. He's still really pissed at her. "What do you want from me?" he asks her. "I want you," Marissa says. "Sometimes. When there's no one better." She didn't say that last part. And she and Ryan start making out, because Ryan might be mad at Marissa and have pride and stuff like that, but he also has hormones. Marissa's phone interrupts them before Ryan can take off his shirt, which sucks. Marissa sees that Kaitlin is calling and answers, hoping to get rid of her quickly so that she can get back to her hot make-up sex. Kaitlin is frantic on the other end, and tells Marissa that Johnny is drunk and crazy! Ryan takes the phone and tells Kaitlin that they'll be right there. Ugh.

Seth loves Save The Last Dance. It helps that he's under the influence. I really can't do Seth's stonedness justice here, so you'll just have to see it for yourselves. Summer starts getting suspicious of her boyfriend's sudden interest in the TV's blue screen and excuses herself to go to the bathroom...

...which, of course, she doesn't go to. Instead, she sneaks around Seth's room, looking through his things and asking Captain Oats to guide her to the source of Seth's odd behavior. She soons finds a sizeable bag of weed. "Ew!" she cries.

Sad music plays as Ryan and Marissa pull up to the scene of Johnny's temper tantrum. Ryan orders Marissa to go to Kaitlin while he heads up a back trail to join Johnny at the edge of the cliff. Marissa runs up to Kaitlin and hugs her -- although her voice barely shows any concern or emotion, as usual -- as she begs Johnny to get down. Should they really be encouraging him to climb back down? And is Marissa really the best person to be yelling at Johnny right now? He doesn't seem to think so, sneering at her offer of friendship and telling her to go away as Ryan runs up behind him. The two guys finally come face-to-face, and Johnny's about as happy to see Ryan as he was to see Marissa. He asks Ryan if he's planning on saving him once again in front of Marissa. Good point, Johnny, except for the fact that Ryan has only had to save you from danger that you've put yourself in. Well, except for that thing with Volchok, which really was just Ryan being a buttinsky. Johnny refuses to come down, and his foot slips, almost sending him flying off the cliff. Ryan begs him to get away from the edge. Johnny asks if Ryan's planning on grabbing his hand if he falls and save the day again, and then gets a chance to put his theory into practice as a look of horror crosses his face and he falls backwards into the Slow Motion Sequence of Doom.

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