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Dear Johnny

Dr. Neil is spending a quiet day at home reading a medical text with a self-satisfied grin that makes me think that he's looking at pictures of women with huge fake boobs for "research" purposes. His Playboy subscription is tax-deductible. The housekeeper lets Julie in for yet another unannounced visit. Julie politely thanks Dr. Neil for hosting Kaitlin's crappy party and has a present for him: a bunch of eligible Newport women for him to date. Dr. Neil's just a little too eager to accept the gift. He looks through the album and is quite pleased with his choices, despite Julie's transparent attempts to point out each one's flaws.

Kaitlin is waiting in the poolhouse when Ryan gets home from school. You'd think a guy who originally came from such a rough neighborhood would be a little bit more concerned about personal security and would at least lock his doors, but not Ryan. He just leaves them wide open all day and night long. Ryan's not thrilled to see Kaitlin, and asks her when she's going back to school, in a tone that suggests that he's looking forward to the day. "As soon as my guest star contract runs out," Kaitlin explains, and then gets to the reason she stopped by: Marissa. Well, of course. Kaitlin wants Johnny, but Johnny wants Marissa and seems to think he still has a chance with her. Which may not be so crazy, since Marissa won't say that she doesn't have any feelings for Johnny. Ryan insincerely thanks Kaitlin for the information as he tries to escort her out, but she isn't finished shit-stirring yet. She demands that Ryan take care of her problems for her, preferably using violence. Wow, she really is Marissa's sister. Kaitlin claims that they will both benefit, since Ryan will know where he and Marissa really stand, and Johnny will finally realize that he has no chance with Marissa and hook up with her sister instead. Why would you even want a guy who only wants you because he couldn't get your sister?

Ryan takes Kaitlin's advice and meets Marissa at the diner. He gets right to the point: he wants to know how Marissa feels about Johnny once and for all. Does she feel sorry for him? Does she feel like she can talk to him about things that she can't talk to Ryan about? Or is she in love with him? I love how Johnny being a fun person to hang out with isn't one of the options. Until Marissa figures it out, Ryan doesn't want to see her. Oh, snap! Awesome. Go Ryan! Marissa looks slightly distressed, but not very sad. She starts to defend herself with "I know things have been confusing," but that's as far as she can get before Ryan walks right on out of there. Snap, crackle, AND pop!

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