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Dear Johnny

The next morning, both Seth and Ryan are being broody little sulkers. Ryan explains his situation with Marissa to Seth, and Seth offers up little encouragement, simply saying that he's sure Marissa will "do the right thing." Unlike Seth, who chickened out of telling Summer the truth. He's now hoping to reschedule his Brown interview by making the excuse that he had a seizure at the same time there was a huge accident on the freeway that caused lots of traffic. Ryan and Seth agree that Seth's excuse needs some work.

Over in the trailer, Julie is making grits. I wonder if she's using Gus's recipe, which has a special secret ingredient that begins with an "r" and ends with an "oofies." Both daughters reject the homemade breakfast, so Julie just takes it right off the burner and, hot pan and all, over to Gus's trailer, figuring he'll eat it. It's totally out of character for Julie, who thinks Gus is creepy and is constantly trying to stay away from him, to do this, but it gives Kaitlin and Marissa some alone time to snipe at each other, and so it shall be. Marissa is understandably furious with Kaitlin for talking to Ryan, although you wouldn't know it by her flat tone, barely furrowed brow, and generally mellow demeanor. Kaitlin shrugs that she was just sharing her opinion with Ryan, and that she'll do whatever she must to get Johnny. Marissa won't accept this explanation, however, since it does not take place in a universe that has Marissa as its center. Therefore, she puts out the theory that Kaitlin is doing this just to get back at the sister she resents. "I can't wait for you to leave," Marissa states calmly. Kaitlin stares with her mouth hanging open. I'm not sure if it's a guilty slack-jaw or an angry one, though.

Summer spots Seth walking out of the guidance counselor's office. She heads in, and the guidance counselor greets her with the news that the Brown interviewer called to say that he loved Summer. Did Summer blow him or something? Come on! I had a good college interview, too, but my interviewer didn't make any personal calls to anyone about it, least of all my guidance counselor who didn't seem to be aware that interviewing was part of the college application process anyway. Summer asks if good ol' Shelly mentioned Seth, and Guidance Counselor spills that Seth didn't actually go to his interview. In fact, he was just there to make excuses (apparently he did not figure out a way to improve upon his original traffic jam excuse and went with that) and try to schedule a new one. "That little bitch!" Summer murmurs. The guidance counselor has compensated for her complete lack of a sense of student confidentiality with increased hearing abilities, and she's all, "ExCUSE me?!," thinking Summer was talking to her. Summer excuses herself to go murder her boyfriend.

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