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The next morning, Sandy and Kirsten greet Ryan when he enters the kitchen, offering him a bagel. When Seth enters, Sandy says, "Ah, there's my son!" And, you know, when you think about it, that's a really shitty thing to say in front of Ryan like that. Surely "there's my other son" would have been a better way to phrase that. Business moral dilemmas make Sandy into an insensitive asshole. Sandy pretends to care about Seth's college anxiety for three seconds, and then Summer walks right on into the kitchen and asks if she can speak to her boyfriend alone. Seth heads upstairs. Summer follows, and Ryan notes the angry look on her face. He makes a really great "ooooh, Seth is in for it now!" expression.

Upstairs, the playful music abruptly stops when Summer smacks Seth in the face for lying to her. "What the hell?!" he asks. You know, if Seth were the one smacking Summer around all the time, we'd all be very upset. And yet, when it's Summer doing it to Seth, it's used as comic relief. I don't think it's funny when someone smacks someone else in the face, no matter the victim's gender. Especially since it's not like she's tapping him playfully; she hits him really hard and has left him with black eyes. Summer really needs to work on her rage issues. She accuses Seth of being a pathological liar and on the path to being a "creepy old man" with an attic full of "stolen money and porn." You mean like Dr. Neil? Except that his attic also contains all those tertiary characters we never hear from again even though they supposedly still live in Newport. Seth thinks that sounds pretty awesome, which is kind of true, and then finally admits to Summer that he was scared of the interview and ran away. And then he was embarrassed about being scared, especially since his girlfriend is so confident and socially able. Of course, Summer can't resist Seth's sensitive side, because really, who could? Certainly not me. Summer softens and tells Seth that she'll have her awkward social moments at Brown, too, like when everyone else is super-smart and intellectually curious and well-read and she is none of those things. They agree that they need to be honest with each other, and Summer asks him if there's anything else he wants to confess to her. Obviously, this would be the ideal time for him to tell her about the pot, especially since there's absolutely no way she won't find out about it sooner or later, seeing as how almost everyone else in Newport already knows. But Seth just says he doesn't have anything else to tell her. I guess the reason Summer always attacks his face is that Seth doesn't have a backbone for her to go for. But they kiss and make up adorably, which just makes it all the more upsetting since you just know they won't be this happy for long, and then Seth invites Summer to "get down." I think we all know what that means.

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