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Dear Johnny

Yuck, it's Matt. Sandy has invited him to the NewNewport Group office on the weekend to discuss the urgent matter of Matt's forbidden date. Matt refuses to be apologetic or act like he did anything wrong, saying that it was Maya who contacted him when her father found out he was going to be working with Matt. Yeah, I'm so sure Maya's dad has the first and last names of his daughter's unrequited crushes memorized. Okay. Sandy isn't buying it; he says he used to watch Caleb's associates try to get close to Kirsten in order to get close to her father. He wasn't a fan of it then and he certainly doesn't want his business to run that way. Matt says that the end result will be a hospital that is going to help a lot of people, so it's worth it. Ooooh, how Machiavellian of you, Matt! I'd be impressed if I wasn't too busy snoring through all your scenes. "We're gonna have to bend the rules if we want to win the game," Matt says. "That'd look good on a bumper sticker," Sandy snorts. Or on a "No Fear" shirt. Or, even better, on the boot Sandy should be using to kick Matt's weaselly stripper-loving ass out of his company. But no, he just tells Matt to come into work on Monday with a "real game plan." You know, last time we had an episode about a game plan, Johnny got run over by a car. I wonder what will happen to him this time?

Johnny shows up at the poolhouse. Ryan's not too happy to see him, but that's what you get when you don't close your doors, dude: unwanted visitors. Just be glad it isn't something worse, like a big spider. Johnny tells Ryan about his confession of love to Marissa. Ryan asks Johnny if he's trying to get Ryan's blessing or something. Johnny says he just wanted to apologize. "Thanks for that. Leave. Now," Ryan says, his rage simmering just below his calm, cool, and collected surface. Johnny wisely takes his advice.

Julie has ridiculously decided to spy on Dr. Neil's date by wearing a disguise of big dark glasses and a semi-burkah, because this show is a cartoon now. I'm surprised she didn't go with a pair of Groucho Marx glasses, too. She reports the details to Kirsten via cell phone as Kirsten wonders when, exactly, her life got this boring and empty. A Newpsie enters the restaurant and immediately identifies Julie before she can escape. The Newpsie, Taryn, runs over and loudly asks Julie if the Taliban has taken over Newport, citing Julie's outfit as proof. The best part about that is that Taryn wasn't being sarcastic here -- she seemed genuinely concerned that the Taliban may, in fact, have taken over Newport and that she'd have to go out and get a whole new wardrobe. Things get even worse for Julie when Taryn spots Dr. Neil and his date and runs over to greet them. Taryn obviously has a problem with people's personal space. She pulls Julie along with her, thereby blowing Julie's carefully-constructed cover. When Dr. Neil sees her, he grins and playfully accuses Julie of spying on him. Rattled, Julie breathes an "I'm sorry," and then turns around to leave, smashing right into a waiter who's holding a tray of extremely fragile glasses, all of which shatter violently against his chest. Julie runs away. Dr. Neil smiles some more. The waiter bleeds to death.

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