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Dear Johnny

I am wondering why I have been enjoying this show so much in past few minutes, and realize it's because of a lack of Marissa. Unfortunately, I only realize this when another Marissa scene starts up again. You just don't know how much you appreciate some things until they're gone, you know? Kaitlin sits next to Marissa on the pier. Kaitlin claims to feel bad about their fight, even though she did just about everything she could to cause it in the first place. But now she's had a change of heart. She says that she thought she was doing Marissa a favor by tattling on her to her boyfriend. Her explanation for this seemingly insane way of thinking almost makes sense, though: you see, years ago, when Marissa used to actually eat things, she had a habit of sampling every single flavor of Baskin-Robbins ice cream before deciding which one she wanted. Once her dad actually bought the cone for her, she'd change her mind again. Baskin-Robbins employees all over Orange County may have hated Marissa even more than I do. Kaitlin figured that Marissa was the same way when it came to boyfriends, and was trying to force her hand so that she would act on her instincts for the first time instead of overthinking everything. Marissa whines that she doesn't know how to do this: "Maybe I'm not built that way." "It's a skill," Kaitlin tells her, before ordering her, "Learn it. Make a decision and stick with it." It's kind of sad when your little sister has to tell you things that you should have learned yourself, isn't it, Marissa? It's also kind of sad that I only like Kaitlin because I hate Marissa so much.

The sun sets. Johnny emerges from a shower fully dressed, which makes a lot of sense. His mother runs up and tells him that he just missed Marissa, who left him a note, since she was apparently already planning on giving him her answer in written form anyway. That's probably not a good sign, but Johnny hopefully opens the envelope. How pissed off is the actress who plays Johnny's mother right now, showing up in episodes where she really isn't needed but not given the chance to do an emotional hospital scene when her kid got run over by a car?

Marissa stops by the poolhouse to give Ryan her answer. "I'm sorry," she begins. Of course, Ryan figures she's apologizing to him because she's going to be with Johnny after all, but no! She continues by saying that she's sorry she made him doubt her feelings for him. She acknowledges that this was her fault because she felt like she couldn't talk to Ryan about Trey, something they never really resolved until Kaitlin came back into town and brought everything to the surface again. And now that that's dealt with, Marissa would like it to all be over and easy for her again immediately. Ryan's not ready for that yet.

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