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Previously on The O.C., someone decided to put this show on two days in a row even though are only sixteen episodes this season so they should really spread them out and I had things to do with my weekend, goddammit! But then those two episodes were so surprisingly good that I couldn't be mad at the show for long. I have had to do three recaps in as many days, so I apologize if I seem burnt out, but this was probably the best episode of this show I've seen since I started recapping it so I'm going to try really hard. And now I'm hyper-babbling like Taylor Townsend so let's get start. Okay go!

Kirsten exposits that Ryan hasn't spoken to any of the Cohens in days. Sandy says he's worried, too, since Ryan isn't speaking to Seth and that's unusual. "It's like he's turning into an island," Kirsten says. "Turning into?" Hasn't Ryan always been an island, really? A peninsula at the very least.

Ryan is speaking to one person, though: Julie. "Ever since we got back from Mexico, things haven't been the same," he says. I thought that's what he wanted, for things to not be the same when he got home. Whatever. Julie says that she's been banned from the Cohen house and "your parents" have never been this angry at Julie before. Not even when she framed Ryan for attempted murder, apparently.

Back in the Cohen house, Kirsten feels bad about barring Julie from Thanksgiving. This should make things really awkward for the two of them when they're at work at that business they supposedly run together. Except that that, like Kirsten's drinking problem and all her other storylines, is probably something we're supposed to forget about. Upstairs, Seth either got his cell phone back or bought a new one and is leaving Summer yet another long-ass message that she won't return. Seth, you are getting pathetic. Summer listens to the message but does not pick up the phone. She knocks a copy of "Atomic County" and some photos of her with Marissa onto the floor from the secret hiding place of unacknowledged grief and stares at them. I'm glad someone still has a few photos of Marissa since Ryan threw all of his away. Seth ends his message saying that he's hoping things between him and Ryan will blow over today, because it's Thanksgiving. Sandy is also convinced of this. Apparently, these people don't know anything about the time-honored Thanksgiving tradition of proximity to family members illuminating problems and leading to a dinner with covert hostility and awkward avoidance of certain topics as side dishes. And green bean casserole!

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