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Sandy and Kirsten arrive at the party. Dr. Neil leads Sandy off to meet doctors, and Julie asks Kirsten what's wrong. Kirsten just says that it's a "long story," but Julie figures out that Kirsten isn't very pleased about Sandy's business stuff, and doesn't appreciate being stuck in a room watching it. That's very astute of Julie. I wonder, Julie, could your keen observations have anything to do with the fact that Kirsten TOLD YOU she didn't want to go to this party for this exact reason when you invited her to it? Julie tries to make Kirsten feel better by offering her some crab dip. I wouldn't try it, Kirsten: I'm not entirely sure that Julie isn't talking about, like, a flea-dip treatment for pubic lice.

Marissa shows up at the poolhouse for some awkward conversation with Ryan. She says that she's there to see if he's okay, but, of course, the subject of discussion soon turns to Marissa and how she feels about going to school. Marissa isn't as excited about this new leaf she's turned over as she was in the beginning of the episode; she just can't see herself as a college student next year. I don't think that's such an uncommon feeling for new college students, and yet, for Marissa, it's going to be a freaking dealbreaker because she can't just suck it up and deal like everyone else does. She asks Ryan about his family emergency, and he tells her about Theresa and the mystery child. He says that when he was at Berkeley, he felt like he was living someone else's charmed and awesome life. Now he knows why: he was. Nothing ever works out for the real Ryan. Marissa assures him that it will, and that he will go to Berkeley no matter what.

Even though this was supposed to be a retirement dinner for some random guy, Sandy is calling the table to order to make a toast thanking everyone he's talked to for their offers of support. Then he introduces his wife to the room as the "former head" of the Newport Group and the "brains" behind it, which you can tell Kirsten doesn't appreciate one little bit. Nor, I would guess, does the guy who this party is supposed to be for. Why hasn't he chucked a few hard rolls at Sandy's head by now? I would have. Especially since he's about to retire, so he wouldn't even get in trouble for it or anything! Anyway, the room applauds a woman none of them even knows, and then Dr. Neil stupidly asks Kirsten what she thinks of Sandy's job performance so far. So now it's her turn to make a speech. While Sandy looks on nervously, Kirsten proposes a toast to her husband, who has told her "countless times" how important this hospital project is to him. And also, Kirsten has realized that she married a man just like her father, after all. She walks out among some hilarious table chatter. I picked out some woman going, "That' No," which I thought was a great review of Kirsten's toast and this show in general.

Kirsten grabs a glass of wine off the worst-supervised bar in the history of bars and takes it outside with her. Wine always tastes best when accompanied by a hearty blast of sea air. After a moment's hesitation, she drinks the entire glass.

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