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Summer checks in with Marissa. Marissa is surprised at the recent turn of events with Seth going to Brown, after all, AND dating Anna. "Is your brain exploding?" Summer asks. "A little," Marissa says. Well, that only makes sense. Little brains make little explosions. She urges Summer to listen to Seth's explanation before she assumes anything.

Touchy-feely Anna walks arm-in-arm with Seth down the airport. She's super-thrilled that Seth's talk with the RISD guy went well. Seth says it will be all thanks to Anna if he gets into RISD. She tells him that he owes it to his comic book and his talent. So, really, it would be thanks to Seth's talent, Anna's resourcefulness, and RISD's deadline-free admissions process. Anna and Seth hug goodbye, which is, of course, exactly the time when Summer walks up and sees them. I don't think she'll be listening to any of Seth's explanations now.

Volchok sleeps. Marissa sneaks into his warehouse apartment like a complete moron, apparently believing that this is the best way to go about getting her possessions back. Then she notices a rental copy of The Sound Of Music on Volchok's coffee table. Awww, Volchok's a big ol' softy after all! I'll bet he was really confused when he got to the end of that movie, though. "Wait, what? Rolfe is a Nazi? Marissa wants me to be a Nazi? I...don't think this is worth the hot ass I'm getting anymore." But he doesn't get a chance to protest when Marissa slides into bed next to his sleeping form and stares at the back of his head, kind of creepily.

Theresa finally shows up at the poolhouse. She gets right to the point: "He's not yours, Ryan." According to a paternity test, Eddie is the father. Theresa apologizes for lying to Ryan, but she thought Ryan belonged to the Cohens and she knew he would give that life up for her and her baby, even if the baby wasn't his. And she's doing fine on her own: despite not even having a high-school diploma, Theresa has managed to turn a nothing job at a hotel into this high-paying executive position that lets her travel the country and afford a full-time nanny for her son. Wow, life sure is easy for teenage single mothers! I wonder why all those other ones always seem to complain about missing all those opportunities? Ryan and Theresa decide to get some food and catch up on old times. They're happy to see each other, despite the circumstances that have brought them together again.

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