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Marissa meets Volchok at the diner on her way to the airport. She asks him for her "stuff," but he gloomily reports that he doesn't have it. "What. Why," Marissa attempts to demand. Volchok doesn't answer her, instead asking why she's bailing on him all of a sudden. She says that they don't have anything in common, which he takes to mean that she's dumping him because she's rich and he isn't. Marissa denies this, saying that it's more like she used to always watch The Sound Of Music when she was younger, as we've heard before, and she always hoped that she would grow up and be "just like" the eldest Von Trapp child, Liesl, and have a "cute boyfriend," just like Liesl's Rolfe. And then Marissa grew up and did coke and slept with a guy she hadn't even had "one real conversation with." Which, I might add, is still better than BEING A NAZI! Which is what wonderful boyfriend Rolfe becomes if you, unlike Marissa and the writers of this show, bother to watch past the first thirty minutes of the movie. Marissa says that she's not "ready" to give up on her dream of finding a boyfriend who will one day totally turn against her and almost get her and her entire family killed by Nazis if not for the quick thinking of those nuns who took the engine parts out of the Nazimobiles. Reach for the stars, Marissa.

Kirsten stops by the NewNewport Group to tell Sandy about her Theresa sighting. Sandy's hoping that the kid may just be a cousin or a nephew, but Mother Kirsten knows another mother when she sees one. She wants to tell Ryan about it, figuring that it's important that they not keep things from him and preserve his trust in them. Sandy, however, is an Evil Businessman now, and, therefore, would rather not say anything to Ryan at all -- at least, not until he returns from his pre-frosh weekend. What a bastard Sandy is, wanting Ryan to have a few days of happiness before his life is thrown back into chaos.

Seth gives Ryan a call so that they can compare notes about their college journeys thus far. Despite the rainy weather, Ryan's enjoying himself and kind of thrilled to be on a college campus. Seth, too, is thrilled: actual ivy grows on the campus buildings, just like the brochure pictures show. Better hope it's not poison ivy, Seth. Although you would deserve it. Seth says that he loves the campus, and that it feels like home to him, even though he got rejected from it. Then a girl's voice calls out Seth's name so loudly that even Ryan can hear it on the other end of his phone. Seth is afraid to turn around and see Summer, whom he's been trying to avoid this weekend, but he gets over his cowardice this one time and sees not Summer heading his way, but Anna, who's free to appear on this show now that whatever pilot she left it to be on have fallen through.

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