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Seth immediately makes Dr. Oglivy feel awkward by inviting him outside for a walk so that they can talk in private. Dr. Oglivy does his best to exit this conversation, but Seth begs for a chance to talk to him, just for five minutes. Dr. Oglivy eventually relents, and tells Seth to meet him at the same place tomorrow.

Seth doesn't get to revel in the success of Part 2 of his plan before Summer comes up and asks him what he's doing at a pre-frosh weekend for a college he told her he didn't want to attend. She figures that Seth did want to go to Brown after all -- just not with Summer. And then Anna jumps up from behind Seth and touches his arm, asking him how it went with Dr. Oglivy, and Summer's suspicions are confirmed.

At one of those upstanding and safe college parties where date rapes never happen (you know, unlike those sketchy giant warehouse apartment parties), Wes asks Marissa about her relationship with Ryan. She tells him that they were together, but that they've broken up and seen other people since. Wes says that Ryan is currently touring the school's architectural department, which he doesn't know much about, since he's a poli-sci major. Marissa informs him that her father was also a poli-sci major, and that Wes even reminds her of him. If Wes knew Jimmy, he'd see just how insulted he should be here. At the very least, he shouldn't have much hope left of hooking up with a girl who thinks you're like her father. Unless that girl is turned on by her dad, in which case you really don't want to hook up with her. Marissa assures Wes that this is supposed to be a compliment, though.

Ryan arrives, and Marissa leaves Wes to talk to him. She says that she doesn't really know how they're supposed to act around each other, and Ryan agrees that he doesn't know, either. They decide to give being friends a try again at Berkeley. Marissa's looking forward to this: she'll get a chance to let it slip to their new mutual friends that Ryan used to perform in musicals. "I have enough dirt on you to last the next four years, so bring it on," Ryan dares her. Now that's a Marissa scene that I wouldn't mind watching:

Marissa: Hey. Did you guys know that Ryan once did musicals.
Assorted College Friends: Ha Ha Ha!
Ryan: Well, Marissa shot my brother in the back!
Assorted College Friends: [awkward silence]
Marissa: [is suddenly killed in a freak accident, never to be mentioned again]

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