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The Yawn Patrol

That's because Sandy's waiting for Matt and Griffin to have their meeting, and his phone is on silent because Sandy is in Stealth Mode. As he watches from above, Griffin and Matt meet on the beach. Griffin waves an envelope full of money in Matt's face. Matt says that the files are in his car, and that Griffin can send one of his goons to get them. But the goons don't move. Because, Griffin says, they aren't here for any file retrieval. Things are looking pretty grim indeed for Matt the Hopeless Moron until Sandy comes out from behind a car to announce that there are no files at all; Matt was bluffing. He has no proof that Griffin's been up to anything sinister. Matt plays along, saying he figured that if Griffin was guilty of something, he'd pay Matt off. The goons confirm that Matt's car is empty. The evil Griffin lectures Matt for wasting his time, and drives off with his goons.

Sandy hands Matt a generous severance check. It's not as much as Matt was hoping to get out of Griffin, but it's a lot more than he deserves. "I put you on this path, Matt. Take it," Sandy over-guilts. Matt apologizes for being such a tool, and the two guys go on their way. And is my television broken, or was that whole scene done with a weird echoey otherwordly effect on everyone's voices? In the car, Sandy grabs the "incriminating files" he took out of Matt's car and hid in his jacket when no one was looking, rifles through the three stapled pages they consist of, and dumps them in his center divider container thing for safekeeping. Can you feel the dirty business intrigue excitement?!?!

Meanwhile, Kirsten stares at the nice romantic dinner she made for Sandy for a second before grabbing his plate and dumping it in the trash. She decides to go for a liquid dinner instead, taking out a wine bottle Sandy unwisely put in the same house as a recently recovering alcoholic. Could it be? Could Kirsten actually have her own storyline, albeit the same one she ended last season with? Oh, but no -- she just dumps it all down the sink.

Seth comes home. Kirsten hurriedly puts the wine bottle away, and greets him. He mentions seeing some Yakuza films to help kill the pain he's in, and Kirsten asks him whether he needs to talk to her. No, Seth only wants to talk to Ryan. Which is just fine with Kirsten, who would rather be alone while she comes unglued.

Chloe and Ryan stop by the diner, of course, which is closed even though it's a 24/7 joint. Chloe opens Dawn's locker, and tells Ryan that he is Dawn's "whole life." Except for the parts where she actually had to raise him. And I guess Dawn is pretending that Trey never existed. Ryan looks in the locker to see pictures of him at various ages plastered on the inside of the door. He's surprised, although he really shouldn't be, since I believe we've seen all these pictures before at the Cohen house. I do like that they're all pictures of Ben McKenzie as a little boy, although I question using that picture of him in a football uniform, since we've never seen him play. Dawn comes in and sees the scene. She tearfully explains that Kirsten sent her all the recent stuff: "She's a real nice lady." Yeah, she is, since she generously took your child off of your hands for you and gave him a life and everything. And how did Kirsten get all that stuff to Dawn, anyway? No one even knew where she was until they found in her jail last month. Maybe Kirsten sent it via the Magic Delivery Fairy. Chloe closes the locker she had no right to open and leaves the room to finally give the Atwoods some time away from her over-involved ass.

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